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    Strawberry health benefits

    Strawberry is a common fruit but not many people like to consume the fruit. The main constituent of the fruit is malic acid. Excessive amount of malic acid is not beneficial and it might lead to weaking of the tooth enamel if we don't rinse our mouth after consumption of excess malic acid. A dilute amount of malic acid is beneficial for dental health. Dentist often use malic acid to cleanse the mouth before checking for dental problems. The leaf of strawberry can be used as a dental floss as it's main constituent are malic acid and tannin. Tannin is also present in green tea. Many people use the strawberry leaves to make tea and consume it. Citric acid is also present in strawberry or in other words, Vitamin c is present. Vitamin c helps in healing and lights complexion.
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    All berries are nutritious for health. Berries are oeoven to have many benefits including protecting the cardiovascular system. Some berries have also been proven to reduce tumor. So they may also fight against cancer and other such life threstning diseases.

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    Good information from the author. Strawberries contain 7.7% of carbohydrates and about 91% of water. These fruits contain very little fat and protein. They contain some antioxidants also. These berries are good for heart patients. They will also have blood sugar-regulating capacity. Some doctors say that they are good for cancer prevention. This is what I understand about these strawberries. But now with the information given I think we should go for minimum quantities only. The availability of this fruit is less in South India.
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    Thanks for educating us with the strawberry health benefits. Though I have not tasted the fruit so far, but ice cream with strawberry flavor are famous with children and adults.
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    This is really interesting and useful information on this fruit that is strawberry and when I was living in Northern hilly parts of the country, we had it in abundance and used to have in school during interval. At that time we were not aware about its health potential and as it was cheaply available we just had it as a local fruit. I had seen tourists coming to those areas buying them in good quantity.
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    An informative thread is posted by the author. Each fruit has its benefits. All fruits provide some essential nutrients to the body, Strawberry is a succulent fruit that is as delicious as it is in food, it is equally beneficial for health. Daily intake of strawberries, considered as a superfood, helps to overcome diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases as well as many minor problems. The author is right that many people do not consume strawberries, infect I have found there are too few common fruits consumed by most people, i.e. Papaya, Mango, Banana, etc, but people should have all fruits as all they have their own benefits.
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