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    Change is constant in human life

    We don't like to change but we have no other choice but to change with the passage of time. It's hard to make a change but by the end of the day, we realize that new opportunities are available only by embracing change. The struggle is real. On some days we feel agitated and some days we have to be more conscious and keep a check on ourselves to be kind to ourselves as well as to people around us. The best thing that can be done is to acknowledge our feelings and make a note of it. Drop the judgement. Evaluate and analyse the judgement if you agree with the statement otherwise ignore it. There's no point in crying over spilled milk. Account only those judgement which carry authenticity. After analysis, it's high time to make a planned and organised move to make a change.
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    The conditions that are prevailing in this whole world today and the circumstances that we had never anticipated. Today, we have to spend our lives under those circumstances. If you keep doing the same things throughout your life without looking back and learning new, then you will always remain the way you are. It will be a hindrance to your mental, intellectual, and physical development. To live a better life, w need to accept changes, why these situations have come into the life of a human being, one has to think. Today, we have to live life with a big change even if we do not want to but things have to be adopted in life. Such changes will continue in our life even if we do not want to and we will not be able to face them. If you are not ready for change, then you will be troubled by the problems of life and will sit tired one day, so be prepared for change.

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    Change is the law of nature. It takes place in its own rhythm whether the individual goes with it or not. Those who can cope up with changes positively are the real braves and win in the struggle of life. Humans are bestowed with great potential for coping up with the changes and this is one area where they are the distinguished species on this planet. Another important thing with change is that sometimes it comes so fast and so quickly that the people cannot stand it and are harmed in life as a consequence of ignoring it. As a hard working person one should be able to withstand change.
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    Change is a continuous process. As the time changes, we will also change and we have to accept the changes. Nobody can stop these changes. But we should adapt ourselves to the changes and we should go forward. Otherwise, we will remain slow and we can't progress. Many people think that changes are always for our betterment. It may not be true. Sometimes some changes will prove to be bad and they may create havoc in our lives. So we should change in such a way that we will not be lost. We should see that we will adapt ourselves to the change without getting adversely affected. Here you have to use your own wisdom. At present there are so many problems and people are living under threat but everybody is changing their ways and means and see that they will pull on without any major problems. This is how we have to act.

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    Change has to be there in our life, otherwise it would be routine and bore some too. Changes can be effected from our side or even from the other side. If the change has to be done from our side, we have to depend on some advice or initiation from our near and dear ones or even friends. But a change can always takes place from other side due to compulsion and convenience. Nevertheless a change in the way of life, a change in way of thinking, a change in way of behavior, a change in general nature is always welcome and it would be certainly noticed. Some are most interested in change in their looks, personality, changing of fashions through daily designs. But a qualitative change from inside which could change our behavioral pattern, way of approach, way of advising others would be greatly noticed and acknowledged.
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    We have to accept the changes taking place time to time - be it in the medical treatment, education domain or otherwise. It is always better to be adaptable to the new approaches. If we recall up the old days when the doctors often prescribed some mixtures containing some salts mixed with water and different mixtures were prescribed for the different disorders. These mixtures worked though slowly and finally these got replaced with tablets and liquids of different formulations to tackle the diseases. In the field of education, Internet would provide you numerous tips update your knowledge.
    Hence the changes we look around in the different horizons are benificial and with the changes of time, it will undergo several changes to make life more convenient.

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