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    Jagan has the compulsion to ally with BJP

    The politics is AP is now shifting to the central level as there are feelers that TDP is repenting for snapping ties with the BJP then and suffered a severe setback and eventually Chandrababu Naidu has to bite the dust at the hands of YSRCP Jagan Mohan Reddy. To make the things clear the AP CM wants to ally with BJP for getting the special status to his state and also guaranteed to get some central cabinet births for his MP's. This is the cleaver move on his part as in politics no one is considered enemy or friend and the things has to move.
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    YSRCP of Mr. Jagan is supporting the BJP all the time. There are certain compulsions like CBI cases against him. He needs the support of BJP which is in power. The special status issue something which may not be raised by the YSRCP. The Governance of Mr.Jagan is likely to cause his downfall and TDP may come to power next time. There are no permanent friends or enemies in politics. Everything is guided by self-interest. I will not be surprised if TDP ties up with BJP in the next elections. The YSRCP may become a burden even if they want to ally with BJP.
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    KVRR sir at present the face off between TDP and BJP is very high and there cannot be tie up.
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    As KVRR sir said Jagan has compulsion to support BJP and not vice versa. In my opinion, BJP may not tie up with TDP in the near future. This we can observe with BJP when it made Somu Veerraju as AP BJP president. Veerraju is dead against TDP. So this option is eliminated.
    If BJP forms an alliance with YSRCP, it cannot survive in AP. This will make TDP to revive itself. Because of ideological differences, BJP cannot take away the vote bank of YSRCP. But it can easily take away the vote bank of TDP. So, in combination with Pawan Kalyan's Janasena, it can replace TDP but it cannot replace YSRCP.
    So, allying with YSRCP will become the last nail in the coffin for BJP in Andhra Pradesh.

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    I agree with KVRR. Jagan is having many pending cases against him. Whenever he visits Delhi his mani agenda will be to see that they will not be again brought into the limelight. He can't raise his voice before the Central Governemnt. He can't raise the issue of special status also.
    The people of AP are now are completely fed up with the governance in the State. If BJP combines with them also there will not be any use unless otherwise, Jagan amends his ways. If BJP is supporting YSRCP, it is a good gain to TDP. If Pavan Kalyan gives a helping hand to TDP, chances for them to come into power are very high. The BJP government may some ministerial berths to YSRCP MPs. But Jagan can't demand and take. He has to accept whatever they say and come back.
    I think AP suffered a big blow by electing YSRCP into power. No development and all issues are becoming controversial. The High Court is helping the State. Otherwise many unwanted things might have taken place by this time.

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    in politics tie ups are based on the perception of benefit that a party achieves by uniting or cooperating with other party. The leaders will generally calculate the pros and cons of the situation and then take a decision.
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