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    Passion in whatever you do is the key to success

    Everyone works for a livelihood and to that extent it is sometimes necessary to work in the areas where one has no interest. Many people get disheartened by their occupations telling that it is neither their cup of tea nor of any interest to them. They remain aloof and isolated and neglect the work in hand and are a dissatisfied lot. On the contrary there are people who get some job may be of their liking or not but take up it seriously and try to learn and excel in it. They inculcate a liking for it by taking up the challenges positively and constructively. These people slowly get the things under their grip and develop a passion for their work and as a reward of that they generally get good success in that area and make a career. There is always a positive side of seeing things. What do the members think about it?
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    Nicely said by the author. As long as any work is done with dedication and sincerity and if that gives the total satisfaction there is nothing to stop. I have seen some people give extra finish to their work so that it must look totally different from others and captivate the minds of onlookers too. The other day I was going through the Hitech city area of Hyderabad and I have seen a painter painting some rocks scattered here and there and with his creativity he could bring out varied artistic ensemble much to the surprise of the public who are carefully watching him live as to how he makes good painting without rubbing or making any mistake. That was the gifted quality as he done the painting not taking into consideration of the onlookers and his work has been appreciated with great applause by the people.
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    The author is absolutely right. A person can reach his position only through passions, because the lacks passions in human being, fails to move forward. Every person must keep in mind that in order to get ahead in life, they need all kinds of hard work, but every time it will be successful, it is not necessary. Often people get success soon in the area that they are interested in, but it is not possible to do so always, so a human being should work hard until they are successful in those tasks. As long as man does not trust himself or God's power, he will feel weak, people want to be passionate, and think that this is the test of life, which you have to pass then they will give full of their efforts to pass it.
    Swati Sharma

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    It is interesting to note that generally people take interest and work hard in their line of interest and it varies from one person to other. Someone might be interested in singing while other would be interested in crafts. So once a liking for a particular type of job is inculcated slowly it transform to passion and then it becomes a life long association and the person then easily can excel in that area.
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    If you have an interest in the work you will be doing it in a better way. If I have an interest in doing a job and I take pleasure in doing that and I never feel that as a burden. So I will do it fast and I will see how much fine-tuning I can do so that the result will be a delight for the people. I take pride in doing that work. That will give me more satisfaction and I will be successful in that. But we may not be able to get the job we desire or we like. We may have to carry on the job whatever is assigned to us. If we don't show interest in the work and if we don't perform well we may not progress well in the career. So we should accept reality and understand the job and obtained the skill required. That will make you develop a passion for doing that job and once it has become a passion for you, you are bound to be successful. The key is in understanding the task and developing a passion for doing that the work.
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