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    If you are impartial then you are very special

    The world loves those who are impartial in their approach to every problems and issues. If selective approach is made, then the aggrieved person feel that we are partial or siding towards the less important side. And being a politician one must exercise this quality. He or she has to be impartial on all matters including which may even cause the very existence of the government. And those who are impartial always has many followers and the world likes this quality because there is no hide seek nor any politics behind the scene.
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    Completely agree with the author. In today's time, very few people are impartial, who can say their words objectively, hence the demand for those people is also high among society. Some people think that only by flattering or wrongly diplomacy will they gain popularity among people but it is wrong to think. Impartial people do not think based on predictions, but these people give their decisions based on facts and hence their decisions can be trusted.

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    Being impartial is a great quality and if people at higher positions are impartial then the whole system starts to function in an honest ways. It is necessary that the leaders of a country must be impartial in their approach and decisions and if they really adhere to this, there is no reason why we would not improve. If the top leaders are impartial then the nepotism would also be eradicated. There are very few people who are impartial and do not take advantage of their position and money in favouring the relatives or friends. In fact the relatives and friends are not happy with such persons as they always think that he is not favouring them.
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    An unbiased approach to any problem is the best always. But in our system, we find many few like this.
    If you look at Drutharastra, he was never impartial. As a ruler, he might have taken his kingdom as very important rather his family. But he was always biased towards his son Duryodhana. That made him suffer and because of him, all the people of his kingdom suffered. Like this, there are many examples.
    But we are all biased only. ALways we give importance to our earnings more than anything else. Many of the leaders are also biased and they try to get benefitted using the power. They help undeserving people for their benefit. Thus they are biased towards the people who take care of them. If all the leaders are impartial, the country might have progressed very well. But our leaders want their family members to come into power after them. This partiality only ruined our country. Always leaders should be impartial. Then only it will be good for the country.

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    Generally people are biased and partial. It hurts us when some of them sitting on higher positions use this to favour their own relatives, friends, and followers. This is very unusual to be an impartial person. Those who are impartial are the real people who can contribute in progress of society or country.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    We are unfortunate in the sense that people sitting on the responsible seats pose that they are unbiased and they would encourage the people having the skills to carry out the jobs effectively and for him there is no room for supporting the inefficient people. However, in practical terms, the opposite may be true. They would support such people helping him to earn through the indirect way or they have the influence of the higher bosses. The boss may get the benifits of promotions by pleasing such people. If such is a situation how can he be unbiased?
    Very often we do maintain double standards and such a policy is ruining our entire administration. But still we have pull of efficient bosses siding the talented staffs and for them
    there is no substitute of hard work. They cannot be biased in any circumstances.

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    I agree with the above mentioned POVs.

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