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    What are the reforms needed in the political system of India?

    India is one of the biggest democracies in the world. There are many political parties in India. Some are of national level and others are regional. The political parties are accustomed to take decisions always keeping in view the future of the party. The decisions are aimed at wooing some sections of the voters to get their votes.
    The selection of candidates for elections is mainly based on their capacity to win. The caste,and the money are the important facors that play a vital role in selecting the candidates. Candidates character and capability are not at all considered. oof the time the candidates selected have many serious cases pending in the courts of law.
    The voters have no choice but to elect one of the candidates put up by the political parties. The NOTA provision may be useful in rejecting all the candidates but it has no bearing on the result.
    The political parties have to mend their ways of selecting the candidates or people shoul have a say in the selection which is not possible now.
    Suggest what reforms need to be introduced to see that the political parties select candidates with capability and no criminal records.
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    Although many reforms are needed in the field of politics and corrections are also made from time to time, but the biggest improvement that needs to be done in my view is about academic ability. Even today most of the leaders of our country are less educated and these leaders are giving participation in the law-making process of the country. The word leader means a person who leads, who is like a guide for any society and if the leader is educated, the expectations of the people are increased but if a leader himself says that in politics It does not matter if the leaders are educated or not, then it is obvious that questions will be raised on that leader. Education is also the fundamental right of every citizen of the country. In such a situation, such an irresponsible political attitude towards education is also a violation of the fundamental rights of the people. Because to move forward in every field, education is also important in positive politics today. However, there have been some faces who have given a new direction to politics through their good conduct.

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    Good point Swati maam. Also they should ban the political parties from spending too much on advertising and false promotion. Let the commoners decide on the basis of work that each leader has accomplished on the grassroot, as to which person would be voted in or out of power. This is crucial if the people at the bottom are unable to make the right choice about the kind of governance they want. Then we're a failure as a democracy. No matter what the media or anyone keeps on blabbering.

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    India needs good leaders. The leader should think that his priority is the Country. After that, only the party and family should come. There were many leaders like those earlier days. But these days we see only a few.
    One important point is that there should be a maximum age limit to contest in the elections and the person should not have any criminal cases pending against him/her. If these two points are included in deciding the eligibility of the candidate to contest.
    Once if the candidates contesting are not having any criminal record, I think some improvement will come in the system. Then the voter should not get into unwanted attractions like money and liquor. They should decide based on the merits of the candidates. If voters start using their wisdom in selecting a better candidate, automatically good governance will come.

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    Right from the days of TN Sheshan being the Commissioner of elections, the reforms were incorporated one after other with Parliament approval also. Except the declaration of asset by the contesting candidate, nothing seems to be told truth and the EC and even law enforcing agencies are taking light. It is now believed that Jaya's close aide Sshashikala who is convalescing in Parapana Agrahara jail for various reasons is planning to contest the coming elections from TN and she wants to revamp the AIADMK under her leadership and probably she has the money and muscle power to taken on powerful DMK under Stalin and therefore a fierce fight for the CM seat in the next elections going to have unruly face off between the parties in Tamil Nadu and the voters would be put to test once again as to their choosing the right candidate among the filth.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I think good people are to be somehow brought in the politics and there should be some control on the entry of criminals and unwanted elements in it. They are spoiling the whole show.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Though reforms are required in our country in many area but if a few reforms are brought in the political system then automatically some reforms would take place in many related areas where things move as per political system. I can suggest some measures like this -
    1. There should be some minimum qualification for fighting an election. At least a graduation or diploma or certification in some trade.
    2. The candidate must submit an Income Tax return and the agricultural property he is holding in his name or father's name or mother's name or wife's name or son's name, whether he is having income or not so that a base line about his assets is recorded in his records.
    3. Candidates with severe criminal records are to be filtered out through centralised police record system (preferably computerised).
    4. Only one member from a close family is to be allowed in Parliament. This is very important. If father takes retirement then only the son / daughter could contest. In case of the unfortunate death of a person the spouse could also contest.

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    Umesh you hit the point that only one member from the family should be allowed to contest and enter the Parliament and this would be out rightly rejected by Congress because that party promotes dynastic rule and from their family three members are in to the Parliament, and if this rule should be made compulsory then BJP would be the real winner in the sense that party does not give credence to dynastic continuance of leaders in politics and BJP always gave chance to new comers and through then brought new glory, new heights and new success. Congress has never taken this calculated risk.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The members suggested reforms in the selection of candidates. The reforms mainly in education and character of the candidates.
    In the present Lok Sabha only about 60 members are 10 th class are below. The rest are well educated. Regarding criminal cases 43% have declared criminal cases and 29% have severe criminal cases. These figures are according to the Association for Democratic Reforms website.
    This clearly indicates that the political parties should give importance to select candidates without any criminal cases. Hope they do so atleast in the coming General Elections.

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