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    If the God is with you then who can be against?

    When you are God fearing, sincere, dedicating, and more over attend to the works with more intelligent way of finishing it , then nothing can stop you getting even the God's favor for many future works and attempts. And if the God's blessing is abundant and forthcoming nothing can be against us and no enemy plan to jeopardize our work would be allowed. That is the reason being so when you start the work with the prayers to the God and the work dedicated to the God, would certainly see stupendous success.
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    This is really a very interesting but amusing piece of writing from the author and evokes many sentiments in our minds. I would say that God is very powerful and omnipresent and if we wholeheartedly and sincerely pray him he would help us or show us a path of diligence and prudence so that we might be successful and happy in our lives. So far so good. It is a wishful thinking. What about other devotees who are also praying him with same intensity and vigour and trying to get the favours. By chance if such people are our competitors then God will be in a dilemma as to help whom. Devotee 1 or devotee 2? So, as God is for everyone, in my opinion pleasing him is alright for our own calmness, peace, and happiness but for getting favours would be too much.
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    God has given the quality of hard work to all living animals along with humans. Similarly, human beings are also taught to work hard as they grow up from childhood. Whether it is for studies, or to earn money or to earn a name. Without hard work, there is no waste. From the life of a successful person, we can learn more about hard work, from their life we get the correct definition of it. A person who performs his tasks with full of dedication and honesty and at the same time believes in God, that will definitely get the power of God and will be successful in any work.

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    God is not against anyone. Nor can anyone be against anyone or for anyone beyond a certain point. We just act as validators of a certain outcome to each other. That's all beyond a certain point our own identity, thought and everything else is just an ilussion. So folks focus on the moment and do not fight on past or future. You'll end up getting what you want no matter what. Provided your work is validated enough.

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    If God is blessing us we will be successful in our life. This is true. But how God is going to bless us? If we pray him and offer him Gifts, is He going to help? I think it is not. Pray to God and behave in which you are supposed to behave. Then only God will bless you. Do good deeds, serve the needy and never harm anybody, don't indulge in bad deeds. Then only God will see you. If you murder somebody and pray to God, how can you expect God to help you?
    Many people think I did this bad work and I did this Good work. So both will get neutralised. That is not correct. You have to suffer for the bad deeds and you have to enjoy the benefit of good deeds. This is the fact of life.
    We should pray to God always but if you are violating Dharma, God will never look at you. He will make you suffer. One should keep this mind and behave accordingly.

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    Our faith and belief is something which inspires us to devote and dedicate to God. Unfortunately many people think that worshipping God would bring them prosperity and fortune. But in real life we do not see such things happening so it is only for one's own happiness and satisfaction to worship God in his own ways which gives one immense strength to fight the challenges of the world and when one fights well, the chances of becoming prosper and successful increase more and more. So, just one belief and faith in almighty can change a lazy person in an active one and that is I think is the concept of God.
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    Agreed God is within us but the against one is our own mind. When we intend to go to a temple, our mind divert us to either to go to cinema /park or make us to feel lazy and sit in the house. Sometimes we get caught by unnecessarily give words by loose talk and in that case the spiritual mind which is in us do not allow us to think well but suffer through our loose talk. Moreover the things are happening to one because of his or her karma. We may plan to do one thing but the destined will be the result. I have planned to go to a temple, today morning and planned to have lunch with my co-brother after the temple visit. This plan we made last week itself but today after finishing the temple visit we reached the hotel early and as there was more time for getting lunch prepared we return back to house and ate our lunch (simple curd rice) through self preparation.

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    We cannot put entire responsibility on God and sit idle.
    We should always recall and follow the essence of the saying "Pray to God Oh sailor! but row towards the shore".
    It is just like someone seeing a man pushing his cart out of a ditch alone, with difficulty. The man looks t he person or asks him for help. The other person will come and lend a hand in pushing the cart. Together they bring the cart to the plain road. From there the cart man pushes it easily.
    In this case who would have come to his help if he himself was not trying and expecting others to do the job?
    Our attitude about God also should be like that. We should put our sincere maximum efforts and when needing help should pray to God. We will definitely get help.
    That is why our traditional belief is 'Thaan paathi,Deivam Paath"- 'My half-God's half". But our half should come first.

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    God helps those who help themselves. God will not present himself and help the human being. He will shower his blessings to the person who needs help. It could be a mental blessing or physical blessing. God too has his own enemies. In certain religions, there are Sattans (Devils)who is said to act against God. In fact, those Sattans are man created bodies to make God superior.

    God has enemies blessed by Him for fun and joy.

    Good is God, Evil is Devil.

    No life without Sun

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