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    Superstition will end with the support of all people.

    Along with the village, there are frequent reports of the killing of relatives due to superstition from cities. Actually, our education system tells everything about scientific principles, but it does not create scientific thinking within us.

    Then superstition is also related to the power structure of society, to maintain their supremacy, a powerful section has maintained superstition. It is a business for many.

    Today, the business of many babas and occultists is going on due to superstition, those who spread superstition are quite organized and strong, only then many people lose their lives if they oppose them.

    Our constitution has been resolved to advance scientific thinking, but even then the efforts to fight superstition do not appear at that level, the participation of common people will also have to be increased, so that the problem should be ended at the earliest.
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    It is high time that cult like thinking is given up in every community all over the world. Folks need to become practical and follow their own dreams and passions instead of bowing down to certain gurus and such. This is what all the founders of every religion have ever taught. Not to bow down to blind faith. But alas, folks are gullible to narratives and they fall for these narratives without a sense of thinking especially folks who're not educated. Thus it is important that we educate folks to be m9re rational. Hope this answers your query.

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    Superstition will end if everybody opposes superstition but if everybody supports it will keep on increasing. Whether it's religion or politics, people have blind faith towards a group or a party and they do not prefer to verify the facts. They feel what is being said or done is correct and never think of questioning the reason behind the actions. People have to be aware and need to apply their mind before they undertake a job and it's applicable in every aspect of life. A lot of people are confused and a few are taking this opportunity to mould those people according to their choices. There are things that do not have scientific explanations. Rather than believing, we need to explore those things to look for an explanation. It is always better to Be an explorer rather than a believer and then we don't have to depend on some beliefs.

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    When it comes to faith and belief we are way ahead from others. We believe in many things in our own ways and become adamant about them. Superstitions are also a kind of same thing. My father used to go to another village and sometimes was returning late in the night. People told him that he should be a bit alert as there was one ghost on the way at such and such place. One day while returning in he night on the same route, he listened some strange faint voices and saw in every direction and found that there was a bush behind which two sharp eyes were seen. He just thrust his hand on it and there was nothing and it was an ordinary bush and behind that also no one was there. So these things are in our mind and not in the bush. Later he came through same route many times but it did not recur.
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    India is the country of easy believing and people get convinced even with small amount of plus point and they get adjusted even if it goes wrong. Superstitions are coming since ages and that cannot be controlled overnight by the group of people. And those who oppose superstitions are taken to task and they are taught to be God fearing. Most of the villages are under the blanker of superstitions and they feel that they cannot overtake by not following them even though some may not have the belief. Especially the hilly tribal people are always following their superstition right from the birth of the child till the end of the life and some births and deaths are not even recorded in the government register. In the name of sacrifices even the children are killed and it is not known to the authorities or others.
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    It is very unfortunate. Many people go what some people tell. They never use their own discretion power to know the merits and demerits. The faith and belief are the two traits we have in abundance. If we start believing somebody we will go on believing only. That is why many people are becoming Gurus and trying to encash the weakness of the people. Many educated people also go behind these Gurus. But they never apply their logic.
    Superstitions die hard. This is the old saying and it holds good in our country. Even after knowing that what the other telling is ridiculous, people will believe the same because of the faith they have in that other person. Worshipping a God is different. We can pray to God and e should work in the right direction. Then only we will prosper.
    In Villages, many people believe somebody in the village and they will go by whatever they say. I know a remote village in Srikakulam dt of Andhra Pradesh. In that village, a teacher was the Godman for all the people in the village. Whatever he was saying is taken as Veda and he made a lot of mine by taking advantage of the innocence of that village people.

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    To remove superstitions from our mind, especially the future generation, we should introduce a subject on superstitions in school syllabus. And the teacher should be able to teach the students with suitable examples and make them believe that there is no such things exist in this world. Parents also responsible to teach their wards about superstitions. I am sure, after a few decades, there won't be any superstition. The word superstition would be a forgotten word.
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