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    It is not always true that the first impression is the last impression.

    There is a saying First impression is the last impression. This means that when we meet a person for the first time, then we start making many kinds of assumptions about him.

    But I believe that first impression cannot always be considered important. It could be appropriate for job interviews but not for every phase of our life. Sometimes it happens that a person we meet for the first time, for some reason, cannot meet us properly, in such a situation, we start making wrong assumptions about him, which is wrong.

    It has been seen many times that the assumption made for the first time always proves to be wrong, but when we meet that person for the second time, then we can understand him better. Many times we do not understand everything correctly in first meeting. It is necessary to give time to understand a person.

    Members, please share your thoughts about it.
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    Very true said by the author. You can't judge any person only by the first meeting. It may be true in case of the job interview but in another aspect can't be true. As far as I noticed that when I meet the person for the first time, my assumption was different and on next meet my observation was different towards him. So, it is difficult to say anything about any person on the basis of the first meeting. I observed that some people speak very hard but by heart a very kind person. So, this kind of people shows a bad impression on the first meet. We can evaluate them only by the next meeting.

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    What I heard was "First impression is the best impression". It is wrong. It is applicable only for the external look for the impression, not what is inside a person. Many get cheated by the first impression, that is look, especially when a boy meets a girl or a girl meets a boy. We need to study, analyse and understand a person before we make a impression about that person. That would take a little time.
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    While it is true that the first impression cannot be the last impression in any way the problem with many of us is we get impressed so easily. When we are meeting a person for the first time after the introduction we will have a few words with that person and if we are meeting for a purpose we will discuss the issues. It is not necessary to get an impression of the person. If we are dealing with that person regularly then we get an idea about some traits of that person and if those traits match with our choice then we may develop a rapport. Other than this the impression has very little to do. The assumption we make after meeting a person is just an assumption which can make us worry or happy. If we do not assume and observe the activities of the person we get to know the nature of the person which help us to in making correct decisions. If decisions are just made on assumptions we may face the consequences later on.

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    I hear people saying that the first impression is the best. That is why when we go to meet a person for the first time we should try to appear good and also behave well so that the other person will get a good idea about us. Even in the University study also if the professor gets a bad impression about a candidate, it will not go easily. The candidate has to make a lot of amendments to his behaviour so that the impression of the professor may change.

    Here the impression is not about your physical appearance and colour of the skin etc. It is how you behave, how you talk and how you present yourselves are the important issues. When we to attend an interview, we will be meeting unknown persons and maybe for the first time we are meeting them. That is why the performance of the interview is very important. The impression they got will make a lot of difference for you.

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    It is always difficult to read a person's mind at the first meeting because we do not know the basic character nor the merits of that person and in first meeting no one would be great enough to reveal all to us. In that case we should give room for further meetings so that the person is fully understood and then a comment can be made. In this regard I fault the parents who allow the boy or the girl to have one to one meeting on the day of fixing the alliance so that they know more about each other. But one day for few minutes is not enough at all to read the mind of other person. Especially the girl cannot extract any information about the boy and simply they would be talking casually through which no bonding for future can take place. But the real character of the people can be known only through constant behavior over the period of time.
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    Rightly observed by the author. First impression is the last impression is the last thing that should be believed.
    Every situation is different and we always try to give our best impression in case of external situations.

    A person when alone behaves very casually and is easy going but when in company of friends he may be very jolly or happy, in presence of parents he may appear attentive and an obedient person and in front of an unknown person he may appear very professional.

    So what impression we are trying to give is usually based on our understanding of the social structure but what the other is interpreting is totally dependent upon his perception and mood. An artist performs in front of audience to impress all but still some people are not impressed, not because the artist was not good but the perception of few person in audience was different and they were not able to absorb the vibe of the performance.

    We always try to give the best of efforts when we go for an interview but still many interviewer have different expectations and we may fail to impress all. We may fail in some interview which went well but get selected in one which did not go so well.

    So first impression is the last impression should be dumped forever and one should never attach any sentiment to it.

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    This phrase was coined long back by some scholarly persons in connection with covering the aspect of impressing others in first meeting. To some extent it is true also. When a boy goes to girl's house for selecting the girl, the parents try to present her with great care and decoration. She is told to respect everyone, touch their feet, try to show modesty and shyness in front of them so that their heart can be won in the first meeting itself and the bridegroom approves the match. This impression resides deeply in the heart of the boy and is a major factor in his selecting the girl as a life partner. If the boy wants a modern girl clad in jeans and shirt and frank enough then the parents would present her in that fashion. On the other hand sometimes the girl's parents also want to see the boy and then the boy also gets dressed up in his best attires and presents himself in the good manners so that the girl's parents approve him. So everyone tries to be good in first impression because it helps in mitigating the task in hand.
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    In some times only we can say so, but in many cases, the first impression become last impression as well become best impression. If the first impression keep our mind strong, any confusion or ambiguity will change our mind and the first impression become last impression. In those days many people work in a company for many years, say they have one employment from joining and serve till date of their retirement. In such cases we can say the first impression becomes last impression. If the company's climate satisfies the employee he will not think other employment on any situation, though offering more money etc., and continue till his retirement.

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