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    Powers of a civil servant in our nation vs other nations

    Folks what is the major difference between the powers entitled to civil servants in our country vs other nations. Do they enjoy the same level if prestige, take for example United States Of America. There they have a broader selection criteria and also more prestige to the governor or deputy sheriff as they call it we have a District Magistrate, but both of them are quite different. Do you think it's time that we revamp our civil services and give them more autonomy over their work.
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    Already the people are suffering a lot because of the corrupt practices of these civil servants in our nation. They have powers and they misuse them and make money. If they discharge their duties correctly without indulging in bribes, a common man need not go to a politician for anything. But it is not the case as of now in our country. District collectors and their crew are the main administrators in each district. If they discharge their duties correctly, the nation might have developed a lot. But they will be friends with local politicians and share all the things between both of them. That is why we are all suffering.
    It is good to give them more powers but if they are using them in the way they are to be used. District Magistrates are having many powers and they can utilise them and see that the poor will get benefitted. They are more powerful than an MP or an MLA. In a district, there maybe 2 or 3 MPs and more MLAs. But there will be only one collector.

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    What I feel that the Civil Servants of India are vested immense power but unfortunately they sulk and prefer to work under the patronage and advice of the politicians in power. The actual administration is run by the civil servants only even the government is functioning or not. It is a system through which broad guidelines are available and the rights are bestowed to them. The civil servants can turn down the suggestions of the Ministers citing loss to the government and even over ride the orders which would incur loss to the exchequer. But very few has behaved in a sensible manner so far and even they are clipped with transfer orders from the Ministers and thus civil servants are at the mercy of the powers that may be and they tend to work in tandem with the Ministers and their expectations for sure.
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    In our country civil servants and politicians, both are very powerful and whenever there is a problem it is because the ego problem between these two. The politicians can transfer the civil servant from one place to another without assigning any reason and civil servant can also do much harm to the politician in some circumstances and if some evidence is there can even arrest them. So they fight and we suffer.
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    If we study about the powers of public servants, then we come to know that they have many great powers, but when we look at the practical level, then it is understood that these` powers are given only for the sake of show as any civil servant who educated and intelligent, he becomes powerless in front of an illiterate leader and is unable to exercise his powers according to his discretion. Apart from this, there are some civil servants who, by misusing their powers, they also become part of the same system which they had previously considered wrong and wanted to change it but now they are part of it.
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