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    A quick test developed by India for COVID19 diagnosis

    The whole world is fighting with COVID 19. A lot of research is going for finding out a suitable vaccine. Similarly, many scientists are working on finding the fastest test method for diagnosing the virus and also the medicine for cure.

    In these trials, India made a breakthrough and moved forward by developing a test method for diagnosing the disease. The new method is very accurate and the result will come in just 20 minutes and the cheapest among the tests available. It is a paper-based test strip to detect Covid-19. This test has been approved for commercial launch by the Drugs Controller General of India. This test is developed by a research team of scientists from the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and Tata Group. The test has been named 'Feluda'. With this test, it will become very easy to diagnosis the virus even in very small laboratories also.
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    Thanks to CSIR and Tata group for developing the Feludu easy way of diagnosing the Covid virus through a simple method and thus we can get rid of cumbersome process hitherto faced by the people and the cost being drastically cut. But the find has come at the last stage as India has been experiencing the fall of case load for the past one week and we have even controlled the deaths with much ease. Nevertheless India is making ready to have at least 25 crores of vaccine shots by first three months of next year and the new find of diagnose would certainly ease our problems to much extent.
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    Whatever may be. Our medical community is working hard to find means and methods to drive away Corona from our land. Very pleased to note that a strip can test and yield the result within 20 minutes. I think they will work hard to find the result within a minute like the strip we have to test our blood sugar levels.
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    This is really a very good news that such a test is invented by our own scientists of CSIR in collaboration to the other agencies. Let us hope that this would end the ambiguity which is prevailing at present about the effectiveness of these tests.
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    The only way to identify a coronavirus infection in a person is the Covid-19 test, but the result of this test takes between 6 and 24 hours. But now the corona test result will be available in only 20 minutes. This is indeed a very good and positive news. By this, accurate results will be available in a short time. All the scientists and doctors of the world and the country are engaged in this endeavor to minimize the corona epidemic. All these efforts made by them are commendable.
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    Yes, this paper-based 'Feluda' testing for Coronavirus is a breakthrough for India. The test is basically developed in the lab of IGIB, affiliated to CSIR, and is using the Crispr technology. This technique is also used for many other testing methods earlier and is accurate in terms of giving false negative or positive results. As it will not require PCR, hence will be available at cheaper rates and will take less time.

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    It is India's first, not of the world. The final results may be obtained within minutes but the process is not that easy as speculated by the author.
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