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    Do we really express our feelings through greeting cards?

    Gone are the days when we used to send the greetings cards of various messages which includes wishing success for marriage, functions, for organizing a good event, birthday wishes and many more. Some of the cards available in the stores have great meaning and we chose the best one and send to the addressee. Now the matter is, are we really expressing the same feeling which were written in the cards when we happen to meet the addressee personally? Surely not. For the sake of messages we chose the card and the addressee gets bowled.
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    In simple, sending cards is a duty to perform. We choose cards only to see the words Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, etc. We really don't go deep into the message written in that card. It takes a few minutes to buy, few minutest to affix stamp, few minutes to post it. And the addressee gets it; spend no time to read it and put it in a place that won't be touched for many days, months and years. One fine day, when they get time to clear the garbage accumulated in the house, the greetings go along to the garbage drum. I would say that it is a wastage while we have a gadget in hand to send messages.
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    The author is right that sometimes people send greetings etc. just to complete the formality, but some people also send it with their spirit. There are lots of ways for any human to express their feelings and greeting cards are also one of them. When young children at home make cards for their elders in a special festival or celebration, their feelings can be easily understood through that handmade greeting and we keep such gifts throughout life. The exchange of gifts is of great importance to all.
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    Aa far as my experience goes I hardly see any cards being sent or received these days. Most of the messages are either on social media or through call. People don't even bother to give birthday wishes over phone, they just put a message on the social media platform and the responsibility is over.

    I see cards on offices when a person is going for another job or something similar then only people bother to give some cards and that too are very formal and do not hold any attachment, it's just a piece of paper.

    Days of cards and emotions attached to it are numbered and soon robots will greet us or our future generation. Anyway, I do get Birthday wishes from online shopping platforms and other portals more than the humans I know.

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    True. The messages in the cards are very good to convey our heartful feelings to the recipient. As mentioned by the author we were sending greeting cards to others. When we have to greet them on the occasion of their marriage day or birthday or any other auspicious occasion. I personally used to select the cards and I used to select the card based on the message printed on that. The value of the card depends on the message written on that.
    We use to have telegram greeting and we used to send the standard phrases available on the list. Now that telegram greetings are not there. Now even sending physical cards is also discontinued.
    Only emails or WhatsApp messages. That charm has gone now. The messages we get in WhatsApp are also very interesting and some of them will make very good sense. Good morning messages will also convey a lot of good messages.

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    In those days, many spent more time in selecting the cards with slogans for sending to others on the occasions of Deepavali, Makar Sankaranthi, New Year, Birth days and Wedding anniversary.
    But nowadays, since the mobiles and computers dominating that place, spending time for such cards getting vanished to a great level with the compromise of that they can write their own interested slogans in the greetings through mobiles or emails.
    Above all it is very bad to express that youngsters are not getting blessings by bowing elders through their feet. At the same time many elders also going back if youngsters come to their feet for blessings.

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