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    Should the development be through one big leap or step by step win?

    Everyone of us want to develop our life and well being much better than the others to which we strive very hard to gain confidence, winning ability, facing the competition with gusto and above the acquiring the feeling of being big of all. Sometimes we envisage the development and achievements should be very fast and expect big leap in success. But there are people who work with logic and principle and gain success through every small win and make progress slowly. What is your take on this matter.
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    Climbing steps and reaching upstairs is always easy if you climb step by step. Without any problem, you can get into the upstairs easily. But if you try climbing 3 or 4 steps will be troublesome and risky. You will get exhausted and sometimes you will have the risk of getting injured and you may not be reaching the upstairs. Somebody may think a lift is the best. But it may give trouble at any time and if the power goes you will be locked up inside till the power comes.
    Same is the case in our career also. The development should be step by step and it should be with your own efforts. If you depend on somebody's mercy, you may not get the desired results. If you depend on some Godfather for your progress he may withdraw his support at any moment. If You push too hard yourself, you can't enjoy the work. So always step by development with focus and concentration on the work will give you excellent results.
    There are people who tried to develop very fast without a strong foundation and concentrated growth plans will suffer a lot So strong foundations are very important for development always.

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    I think that step by step approach is better as that gives breathing time to review at each and every step and there are less chances or errors. Sometimes we want to take big leap but how a big leap is possible without the intermediate stations. It is not practicable. I have seen some people announcing some big scheme but it never materialises what to say of implementation. We should be practical in our approach and talking in air would not help. I have to plan even for a small job and how can I think of taking a big leap. Generally big leaps remain in the project reports only.
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    I do not think that taking a big leap is a choice for most of us. We have to climb step by step only. There are some people who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth and they probably can think of taking a big leap of course with the help of their parents and relatives. Others like us would have to make it slowly and steadily. I do not think that there is any other way for the common people like us.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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