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    All workplace should be conducive and not compulsive.

    When we say conducive it means that is supportive of the action, work or thing and when we say compulsive it means that is forced, burden or under pressure.

    When we go to work, the office place should be conducive for work and not compulsive. When students go to school or college then the school or college classes should be conducive for learning and not compulsive. When we go for a holiday the place should be conducive for relaxation and not a compulsive one. Similarly, every place and situation can be and should be supportive of the cause it is made for and not with any other intent or else the real productivity or results will never be attained at that place.

    We also must aim to make and use places which are conducive to our cause and not compulsive to get the best of results for our actions.
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    The conducive atmosphere of the workplace is very important for showing the efficiency of the person. That is why people say the person should enjoy the work but should not do it as a compulsion. When the conditions are favourable we will feel working and our output will increase. If the atmosphere is not conducive we will not feel like working. We should never feel that somebody is pressuring us. The moment we feel, that it is becoming compulsory and somebody is putting on us automatically our concentration will get diverted and we feel that somehow we will finish the work. In that mood, we can't show our full concentration and we can't give our 100%.
    Human Resources are not like other resources. They will have brain and heart whereas the other resources will never have them. So they should be treated differently. By creating a conducive atmosphere we can extract a better work from an employee than pressuring him. When was working as a production head I used to give importance to the ambience in the shop floor, the convenient arrangement for the employee for sitting while working? good lighting arrangements on the shop floor. Once we can create these things the output will automatically increase.

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    The conducive atmosphere is certainly important to raise production in the industry. We have seen certain units such as hospitals, IT installations of the industry where low volume of music is maintained to motivate them for higher rate of productions. The employers are cautious to see that the basic facilities such as toilets, canteens, rest rooms, medical facilities are available to the workmen so as to encourage them for stepping up production.
    The employers need to study to the Psycology of the workforce and should ensure that they are being heard for their legitimate demands. The earlier ways to reprimand, serving show cause notices to the workmen have produced negative effects in the past and we should explore the ways to uplift the moods of the workmen so as to achieve the targeted yields.

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