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    Dealing with COVID-19 without fear – 1: don’t follow the herd

    At home we've faced a challenging time since the last two weeks, with two of our closest relatives diagnosed with Covid and undergoing treatment in a hospital. Based on what we've gone through, I thought it would be good to share some useful information that may be beneficial to you. Accordingly, I will be sharing, through a series of threads, various aspects of the virus, with supporting articles wherever relevant. Keep in mind that the relatives are senior citizens (76 and 81 respectively) and the information I give later about medication and the form of treatment will be dependent on the age, health and other factors of the patient. Besides, I'm not a medical professional or go-to person for medical advice. I am only giving general information based on what we experienced. Hence, an informed decision should be taken in consultation with the Doctors who are treating the patient.

    First and foremost, let me say that it is normal to be fearful of the virus, but it is not ok to the point of panic and following the herd, namely doing what everyone is doing. You need to stay calm, not let your thoughts go into overdrive about whether you need to do this, that, and the other, following zillions of advice given by every Tom, Dick and Harry, not to mention Uncle Google. When in doubt, consult an expert medical professional, and not do self-medication.

    There is, first of all, this whole obsession about strengthening your immunity. We've had forum discussions on this, and some of you have mentioned branded products in the market, drinking concoctions, taking Vitamin tablets, etc.

    Please read-

    The second obsession is to buy oximeters to monitor oxygen levels. We had a discussion on this: Did anyone of you purchase an oximeter?. Related to this, please read this entire article from start to finish-

    The most imp. info in this article is "The problem with this is that the pulse oximeter by itself should not be used as the first step in having a patient contact their healthcare provider because the symptoms of COVID-19 normally predate the low oxygen level. It is important to recognize symptoms such as the fevers, cough, malaise, things that seem out of the ordinary, and not just to rely on a number such as a pulse ox to be your first warning that something is wrong. COVID-19 should ideally be recognized before the point of hypoxia. Prior signals should be causing you to call your physician".

    I cannot emphasize enough – wear a proper mask when stepping out. Latest bulletin:

    God forbid that you will ever face a situation related to the pandemic, but, seriously, you need to deal with the virus without fear by staying not just upbeat and positive, but also informed and alert, taking relevant decisions when required and not following the herd.

    I'll end this with a lovely message I received from a friend on WhatsApp –
    "Make sure you test positive for Faith,
    Keep your distance from Doubt, and
    Isolate yourself from Fear.
    Trust in God through it all."

    Stay calm, stay safe.
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    It is good to share the experiences you heard from your close relatives and I convey my sincere thanks for the same.
    One of my ex-colleague who is just 45 years old tested positive for the virus. But he has no symptoms. But after hearing the news he became panic and with his fear he expired. More than the virus, the fear of the COVID 19 is creating problems to many people.
    So as mentioned by the author no should become fearful and should deal with the virus without fear. There are medicines and it is curable. The thread will every useful for all the members of ISC.

    always confident

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    A timely and very informative thread. The title of the thread says something very important. 1: don't follow the herd. That's very important. Those who have dealt with or closely monitored Covid-19 patients are the best persons to share the experience and my thanks to Vandana Ma'am for that. This thread has many useful links and also some advice that we all need to follow.

    I wish the relatives of Vandana Ma'am a speedy recovery and hope they will be able to resume their normal activities soon.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    There is a fear of corona being more dangerous than the corona epidemic, so without fearing yourself and your family, one should be followed by all the suggestions that are being taken to save from this epidemic. Vandana Ma'am has given a very informative and detailed description through her thread saying that do not panic because people are doing more wrong by being nervous and are increasing other problems for themselves. I would like to thank Vandana Ma'am for sharing this information and wish her relatives to get well soon.

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    This is one good timely information about the Covid-19 issue and I would say that awareness and alertness is the key to safety and any confidence or over confidence would not help. The virus does not differentiate between knowledgeable confident people and the gullible ones. How this virus is manifesting its spread is not fully understood by even the scientists and research scholars and in that situation prevention is always better than cure. Earlier I was going daily to local market from shop to shop and passing my time in the evening for a good 1-2 hours and buying the essentials for my household activities. Now I am writing the items required in a list and once in a month giving order to the shopkeeper who is delivering it at our security point. We are keeping it separately for some good hours (at least 8 hours) and then only consuming after cleaning and washing. One of my relatives told that do not take any precaution and just have faith in God and nothing would happen to you. He even advised not to wear mask everywhere and to be worn only when one goes to some crowded place or hospital. I somehow did not agree with him and told him that do not teach these things to your family persons as they would follow him and if get the infection then he would be in problem. He got the point and changed his casual attitude. His family members conveyed their thanks to me. Life is not a casual journey. It is all about carefulness and alertness in each step we take. We have to take care though even after that mistakes happen and we could get trapped. But that does not mean that we become careless for the preliminaries also.
    Knowledge is power.

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    It is the fact that out of 130 crore population hardly 66 lakh persons were tested positive and undergone treatment and out of which more than 50 lakh were recovered successfully. This proves that the entire country has been practicing the precautionary measures of combating covid in their lives and they may either followed their doctor's advice, they may taking Ayurvedic formulations, or they may be having the household tips to keep the covid away. Nevertheless those who were confident about their health from the beginning are keeping good health and they are even moving out taking much care. What I found that those who are following the sanitation of hands, having the mask over the face, and maintaining the physical distance are in good health and I have seen many people brimming with confidence.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I wish quick recovery of your relatives infected with COVID -19. And I like the information regarding COVID that you shared on this thread. The message at the end of your post sums it up that we need not panic despite the difficult situation and should always stay positive, and fight it out with bravery and valour.
    At the same time, we shouldn't take this virus easy as it is still hanging around and knocking down people. So precautions are vital and advice from a medical professional is also important. Self-medication should be stopped.

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    One of our friends told us that Covid-19 virus is like a clever thief who would ransack your house when you are least alert and not expecting it. As soon as one becomes careless and has an attitude that this particular virus would not harm him because he has got a good resistance or some other misconception like that, the virus would attack and trap him and catch him unaware and then repenting would not help. So we all have to be careful and believe that it is a deadly thing and one can be only looking brave till it catches one. Prevention is always better than cure which is of course even not there in this case.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Some people are taking necessary precautions and feel confident, but that should not veer towards over-confidence. Even one slight step towards slackness can create a hazard. It is better to be a little paranoid and over-cautious. I even wear a mask when I step out to water the plants that are not even a distance away from my house door, but just behind it. Whenever I need to sign for the receipt of something received via courier or speed post, I wear the mask, don't open the door and take it through the slats of the outer door, even using my own pen to sign, this kept ready on a table nearby for just this purpose.

    As for Ayurvedic formulations, taking vitamin supplements, etc is fine if you are doing so as per a prescription. That is what this cautionary thread is all about. Don't overdo it. Some more useful information regarding nutrition-

    For patients discharged after treatment-

    Of course, as I said, make informed decisions as some kinds of foods may not be agreeable as per your health issues. Be cautious.

    Umesh - I hope that whosoever is picking up the provisions at the gate is wearing a mask and quickly taking the items without lingering there. If provisions are coming in plastic bags/plastic-wrapped items, keep them for a full day. Only perishables that need to be refrigerated may be put away after half a day, such as coriander leaves (I wrap them in a paper and put them in the vegetable tray initially) or fruits (wipe, wash, keep them away).

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Thanks to all for your good wishes for my relatives' speedy recovery. I really appreciate it.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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