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    It's all praises but when it comes to follow many look the other way

    It is very easy on your part to tell others who's your favourite cricketer or actor. You like their performance and if you are in the same profession I am sure you try to follow your idols. All of us do almost the same thing. When we admire something we somehow try to identify ourselves with that thing. It's there in every sphere and many of you have role models who are great women and men whom the world reveres. Apart from these, there are certain actions taken by the known persons in our locality or among our friends that we consider praiseworthy. The action can be anything like offering help to the needy, association with an NGO or to do certain things in a way breaking away from the usual tradition. People admire those actions because they are progressive or for the common well-being of people in a society. People praise their actions but, when it comes to following them in their own lives, they look the other way. For example, in many localities, some people can manage some time from their busy schedules to enquire about the elderly or the needy and arrange necessary help for them. Others in that locality praise those people for their actions and surprisingly many of those who are praising do not come forward to help even if they are capable enough. While they are praising others, what holds them back to follow such praiseworthy actions?
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    Praising others is easy. No efforts are required. No expenditure is involved. The others will feel happy. They feel that they are being noticed. Most of the people want to get appreciations and they feel motivated with these appreciations. But if we have to follow somebody who is serving somebody or performing well, we have to put in a lot of efforts. We have to spend our energy or money on performing those acts. That may not be liked by all. So they may not follow those acts. That is why we see many people appreciating good deeds but not practising them.
    But simply admiring somebody or praising somebody without practising those deeds by the individuals may not reflect your good behaviour. You should also practise such acts which you feel are good.
    We all say Rama is a very good personality who obeyed his father's instructions or wishes and acted accordingly. But how many of us will behave in the same way.

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    We the Indians are most habituated in giving free advice, praising others, and ask our children to emulate others. But when it comes to our own character, we want to live on own and not to emulate others. When others are helping the needy we say they do it with some ulterior motives. if the help rendered is regular and happening we give our own remarks that they may be getting some funds from NGO's or other countries. When there are chances to give our best services through physically working at a religious place or organization, we criticize that move by stating that anything done for free is not good and we should not waste our energy that way. Therefore what we must decide on our own and the work if it gives the fullest satisfaction must be continued without giving credence to others good comment or bad review.
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    When we praise our heroes or other persons doing excellent in their respective areas then it means that we are impressed by them and if required we would emulate their ways in our life. Many people do that specially who are seriously praising them. Some people are just praising the successful and toppers in an area because some other people are praising them and it shows that they are not serious and just doing that to show that they are concerned.
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