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    Have you ever been to a Government office(s) and found everything in place?

    Have you ever have been to a Government office be it State Government or Central Government or even Government companies and found everything and everyone on order?

    I have been to plethora of Government offices and Government companies due to my work engagements and have hardly come across an office that is in order.

    To begin with, I used to go to RBI office for audit and the lunch timings there were from 1 pm to 2 pm but I used to observe many officials used to go for lunch at 12 pm and come back at 3 pm and even during the period when they were not having lunch, they were hardly seen on their seats.

    Then next, I used to go to Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. office and to my surprise everyone was there before 9 am and glued to their system. When I noticed their system closely, many of them were trading in the stock market and did not leave the system till 10 am.

    Similarly, I have some very negative experiences also but will skip them for now. Just curious as to how many of you have been to such offices and found everything in order?
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    On some work or other, we go to Government Offices. I am yet to find an office where everything goes smoothly. Unless we know someone, getting information is also very difficult. This is my personal experience. There may be offices that may be functioning in an orderly manner.
    I had a very bad experience with the Accountant General's Office, Hyderabad, some years back. Provident fund money was due to me. On the second day, I was able to meet the section officer concerned and after verification, she found everything was in order and promised to send the money as early as possible. I did not get that amount for more than one year with periodical reminders. Then I took the R.T.I. route. (Right To Information). In fifteen days' time, I received the money and after two weeks of that, a letter was followed with the information that all the money due to me was paid and their records show no dues.

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    The author is right, the way indiscipline is increasing in government offices, it is harmful to the public. This will reduce people's trust in government departments. It is the responsibility of the employees of the government office of any district to promote work culture by keeping discipline. Many times I have seen that the chief officers of the office do not reach the office on time, remain absent from duty in government offices this practice is not a new thing. Strict action is never taken against such officers and employees. There is no doubt that this work culture starts at the top level. Rather it has been found that appointed employees at lower grades are more disciplined, and negligence is higher among top grade officers but at the same time, some senior officers prefer their work with the highest priority.

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    Many a time I gave the details of a government office which works from the morning to evening and how the employees behave. Though the office timing is 9.30 am they come by the RTC bus which reaches the Secretariat by 10.30 am. So they are invariably coming one hour late daily. And they take another one hour to settle down on the seat as they would have the discussions with co employees as to what happened yesterday. By the time they settle to work, it is almost lunch time and they go for out. And they come back later after having chat with other section employees in the canteen. By the time they settle for noon work, the peon would ask for some file and that would be searched for some hours and by the time he wants to start the work, the RTC bus timing to reach home would stand at the parking , so they rush back to have the seat.
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    Yes, I do agree would the manners how our offices are working be it public sectors or the government ones. The work culture would be same though they would be dealing with different activities. You can change the system of functioning if you could tackle a few indisciplined employees, but when the entire lot represent the same charecter, there is no way of changing the system. The employees are tuned to behave similarly for long and the bosses, too, are busy in their own ways. Prior to closing of financial year, they work for sometime in updating some staistics highlighting the performance of the office.

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    Manoj, it is 'We the People' who need to be blamed. No government official is doing a service. They are being paid for their job out of our pockets. I agree that there may be issues beyond one's position or situation that is understandable but it is we who approach them who need to be assertive. Take the RBI staff you quoted. May I ask a simple question, did you ask them why they were not in their seat when they should have been there? Did you gather the courage to tell them that they should be available during working hours? Did you take the pain to report to higher authorities? I am sure all the answers would be in the negative.

    It is our mistake. We have become habituated to be submissive. We don't open our mouth when it is required. We fear their power and attitude. Come out of that framework. Be brave enough to question them when you feel that your right is being denied. They will come down to you. If you are on the right path and do not expect any concessions, go ahead. That would be the best way to cleanse the system.

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    @Saji, totally agree with your observation and suggestion. Regarding questioning the RBI officials, Yes! I did not ask them but asked my boss, rather complained to him that my work suffers as they do not come to their desk on time and I waste my precious time. Do you know what happened?
    I was transferred to another client/work as he was afraid that he might lose the work of RBI he had with him. The system is well oiled and anyone trying to change it needs to be in a position that can empower him to do so. Complaining doesn't help as in the end result matters and not the reasons.

    So, you questioning me is totally valid as I did not have the means or was in a position to question them or my boss. Ethics, morals, integrity everything is put to the extreme tests once you venture into society, and fighting those who have nothing to lose is somewhat difficult.

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    As a part of my duties, many times I visited many government offices. My observations are also similar to the author's observations. A government will start his work only after office hours and he will work for 2 or 3 hours after the office hours.
    Many times I had been to registrar's office and there the work will be starting around 3 PM and go up to 10 PM. I had been to some district courts and I find the majority work there is to postpone the date and giving another date. Another problem what I noticed is that some of the government officers whose offices are in suburbs stay in the nearby city and the officer may not even turn to the office. The staff ther will say that the officer has gone on OD. So after going to the office all the way we have to come back.
    In some government offices, the peons will play a very important role. we have to deal with them to see that our file way is traced and put up to the concerned desk for taking the necessary action.

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    The government offices run because of the patience and tolerance that people have. If we question them, they would turn and say ,"He abused me or threatened me, etc." The situation would change. The boss of the office will always support their subordinates, like the ISC Admin supports the editors if checked for anything. This is being followed anywhere and everywhere, may it be government office or any private company. No one thinks about the service for which they are paid for.
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    It is a matter of discipline and governance. Even if in our own house, if we do not have discipline and order no one will obey or follow the rules of the house. Discipline is the key to order. Good governance is way to efficiency. Unfortunately in our country we are lacking both the attributes, specially in the Govt departments or PSUs or even the semi-Govt types. There is a long cultural and social history fuelled by politics for these situations today and many of the people including leaders, followers, civil servants, and naturally some of us are wholly or partly responsible for this mess. The mess which has been created in last so many decades cannot be eradicated in one stroke. It would require a lot of willingness and strong governance from the top. Severe punishments are the solutions to some extent but real thing would only emerge when people start to correct themselves leaving aside their greed and selfishness.
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    I would rather say this is dependant on the place or region you stay. If your place is urban then chances are more that everything is done in an orderly fashion. If however your place falls in a rural area, chances are quite slim that you'll be provided the same quality of service as in urban areas.

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