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    The power to decide should always be in your hands.

    It is very strange in the world. People of this world are always ahead in advising others on everything, as if they are proficient in all fields. At times, such a crowd of advisers is gathered that it is difficult to decide anything. In this type of situation, you should listen to everyone, but do it in your mind. The power to decide should always be in your hands. Our mind is not a useless thing, it should also be listened to.

    Sometimes our lack of confidence is seen when we listen to others. A confident person always listens to his mind. After listening to the mind, one should think about it calmly and then take the right decision. Listening to the mind means working on the thoughts that arise in your mind. This will end the dilemma of the mind.
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    If one has the decision making skill or authority surely he would act more sensibly and responsibly because the good and bad effects of his decision would have the lasting effect on his career and performance. If the power to decide is with us, we are always bestowed with various planing , our eagerness to take even challenging decision is also appreciated. Once the power to decide is available with us, we will not take chances, but decide the right factor so that the decision would be fruitful and ever lasing. Not all the people can have this rare quality and even in the offices the managerial cadre may not give the sweeping powers to all. Only to those who act with care, who act on time and who give their best within the stipulated time and who has the knack to take work from others and that kind of traits not available with all.
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    We have discussed this topic earlier also. There is a poem in Telugu. The poem says, hear what others say. Hear everybody who gives you a piece of advice. But never follow the advice immediately, But think about the suggestion. The person who can use his best judgement can make the correct decision. Use the inputs you received from others but you make your final call based on your judgement.
    The person who is facing the situation only will understand the heat. But others will never have this heat. So they may come out with many suggestions. The suggestion they give you may be the best as per their understanding. But you will have a better understanding of the situation as you are in the midst of that problem. So you are the best judge.
    Nobody will get into your shoes to know the situation in a better way. So as per their understanding, the solution offered by them may be the best. So use your brains, make a correct decision and go ahead. Don't worry sometimes your decisions may go wrong. But don't worry. A good time will always be there. Even a good doctor may take chances once or twice to establish himself well.

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    Listening patiently to people and gathering information is a great art but using that information in a proper way and filtering it to ones use by taking own decisions is the greater art. There is an old saying that says that listen to everyone but do what you feel good for yourself and for your career. That is very important to avoid mistakes happening due to hasty following of advices given by other people. Judgement and decision making is the prerogative of a person and he must keep it reserved with him. Finally, we should take decisions without getting biased by suggestions and hearsay.
    Knowledge is power.

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