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    One should focus on long term benefits in one's actions.

    A student works hard all year, then he gets his final result in the exam as success. We do not get the result of work done today, we have to wait for it. Then why don't we consider deeds as duty, and continue to be disciplined, so that in the end we do not have to repent and be well with us all. A human being is not bad by nature from birth, is very intelligent, but sometimes it wanders for immediate benefit, even for insignificant selfishness. To avoid it, it is necessary that we do such tasks that even if the benefits are not achieved today, but the end will prove to be profitable. By doing this, the well being of society can also be attained.
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    Very true. I have seen some people acquiring some skills today which appear to others as waste of time but soon after we realise that they had enough foresight to visualise the utility and usefulness of those learnings later in their career or life.
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    True. Today we plant a tree. But the tree will come and it will give fruits after some years. We should not expect the tree to grow in oneday and give you fruits. It will take its own time. But if we stop planting the tree, you will not have the chance of getting a tree. So one should not expect instant results always. These days many people don't have the patience. They want the results immediately. That will create havoc many times. We have to do work our systematically and wait for the result. As long as you are sincere and disciplined the end result may not go wrong. Sometimes our good deeds may not give you improvements immediately. But you will definitely get the benefits of your good deeds after some time. A tree planted today will give fruits to your son or grandson. No good effort will go waste.
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    For that matter what ever things we do must have the gain or benefit and if the benefits would be for long term reasoning then it must accepted. Most of the elders are saving in the banks as fixed deposits their hard earned money for earning extra interest on their investments to meet their future requirements. And elders also get half percent interest extra in every bank. And those who have taken the long term coaching for any competitive tests, they did fare well. One of my daughter's friend who wants to pursue the MBBS could not score the rank in the NEET but she was pursued to go for long term course and she accepted the challenge and brought laurels not only to herself but also to her parents as she got good rank and got selected for MBBS in a best college. So there is no denial that long term benefits are really fetching.
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    I go with the reasoning "plant a seed today, reap the reward later". It's important that we work hard success will come our path no matter what. Thus it is very important that we stay tuned to working on our passions and goals.

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