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    The thrill of using old repaired gadgets or household items

    Today the culture is changing to 'use and throw' concept and people who are in a good financial condition do not bother for old items and donate or discard them easily and go for a new fashioned replacement items easily available in the market. But many poor and even middle class people cannot afford that luxury and go for repairs or modifications in old items so that they can use them for some more time. I have personally seen that if one takes some pains in maintaining the things in the household and tries to do the petty repairs oneself or gets it from the local technicians then even the old items can be used comfortably for a good period. By giving some attention and time to this area one can enjoy the thrill of putting back the old item back on track. It is sometimes more than what one gets by simply buying a new replacement from the market. Have you experienced such a thing in your house?
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    I am of the opinion that as long as a product or the gadget is in working condition, we need not discard the same and even if it can work with minor repairs that should be prolonged as the old items are golden items in terms of quality and they would further last long if some urgent repairs are addressed and rectified. I remember well there was a wall clock which used to make chime and with pendulum was in used till my father died and we could not restore it as there were no proper mechanic. But when we want to discard it, one of my father's friend has taken away with him and restored the clock to the old glory and today that clock is working in their home. So we may think that old items lost their sheen and service and think to dispose off them, but they still have the ability to give best service in spite of all odds.
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    Yes, the quality of old articles is always good. One of the Ceiling fan from Orient company we have used it for more than 50 years but still it is in working condition. But because it speed has slowed down we kept a side. Similarly, another ceiling fan from Usha company in our house is still working since more than 40 years. We had a Gramaphone record player of His Masters Voice (HMV) and that is more than 55 years old but its pin was damaged long back and thus it was still kept a side safely. At present no one repairs these things.

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    Repairing the old items and using them is always better. I believe in that process. There are some items which can't be repaired. Such items may be discarded and we may have to go for a new item. Many electronic items these days are costing very heavily for their repair. They say the main component has gone and hence it is to be replaced. Such items can be given in an exchange programme for new items.
    But some old items like wooden furniture, cots etc., are very strong and we can't discard them. We have to get them repaired and use. The standard of new items will never match the quality of those old products.
    The products of the past are very strong but they are not smart. But these days items are smart like people of these days but not as strong as the old items. So I feel as far as possible we should get them repaired and used. But sometimes getting spare parts is also becoming a big problem.

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    I have a good experience on this subject. My good old Padmini is a good example for this.
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    I had written inthis regard whenever context arose. I concur tat there is a thrill inthi regard-that too when it is repaired by ourselves.
    Even when I can afford to buy new replacements for cerain things used by me, I try to use themas far as possible. I considerthe point of national wastage.

    I am still using a 22 year old 14 inch CRT TV. A few months ago I had conected an Android TV Box to convert my old CRT TV to a Smart TV also.
    My TV stand cum show case is also 22 years old. There are many other items and appliances in my home quite old and still we are using them.

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    The author is correct. Many present people do not care to repair the gadgets once found not working. This makes the service persons also advising the customers to throw away the gadgets or demanding higher amount for servicing the same. By seeing this the customers also come to a conclusion of throwing out the item and move for a new. Similarly a Gas Stove, single burner, kept in our house as it was not working well. I asked a service person whether the same could be repaired for reuse. He told me that the stove is not a repairable one and if to be repaired the cost would be 2000 rupees and further suggested to sell it out for 500 rupees. By getting shocked I kept the same inside. But after a week a close relative came to our house I asked his opinion as he was in the Gas Stove Manufacturing company, he took the stove with him and got repaired well for 350 rupees with another service man.
    So, we have to think more than twice before discarding anything without minding others comment as we are keep accumulating unwanted things in the house.

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