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    What your present resedential place is famous for?

    Every place or location where we live is famous for certain things like food items, industries, production of certain goods, temples, historical places etc. I wish the members to share them and so that we can know about them. I am living in Guntur city of AP and actually known as educational hub in AP. Guntur district is famous for Agriculture and is top in production of Chillies and cotton. A very big chillies market center is there in Guntur and it will export chillies to all countries of the world. Guntur is also famous for temples like Kotappakonda (ancient shiva temple), Mallikharjuna swamy temple in Amaravathi, Panakala Narasimha Swamy temple in Mangalagiri. Guntur is very famous for Guntur Zari saries. Now members tell what your residential places are famous for?
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    I am a resident of Hyderabad and it is also called as Twin Cities, And we know our great city is famous for historical Charminar, Salarjung Museum. Ramoji Film city, Nehru Zoo park, Hitech city, and above all there are some market places which are famed for one product or the other. Laad Bazar near Charminar is famous for Lac bangles or Hyderabad stone bangles. Pathergati also near Charminar is famous for whole sale clothing and readymades and here during the Ramzan month the night shopping is seen to be believed. There is weekly market called Jumerat Bazar near the old Muslim bridge which is famous for any goods available on second hand. Even cars are sold at cheap rates. But people should guarded to purchase here because stolen items are also sold here. And Secunderabad general bazar is famous for whole sale shops.
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    I am also a resident of Hyderabad. I stay in a place called Moula Ali. Moulai Fort is a very famous place and many people visit this fort. There is a very old arch in this area. This is is a very old arch and about collapse. But it is protected and the road is also not winded to see that this arch will be protected. Because of this main road of Moula Ali is closed for buses and Lorries.
    Near my house, there are many temples. One is the Balaji temple which is a very old temple. It is being maintained very well. Before Carona, I used to visit this temple once in a week. There are a Hanuman Temple and Lakshmi temple in the same complex. Once in a year Brahmostavas and all the people participate in this celebration.
    There is a Saibaba temple and many devotees visit this temple on Thursdays. There is a Sri Ranganatha Swamy temple. There is a Siva temple. There is a Narasimha Swamy temple. All these temples are at walkable distances from my house.
    AS Rao Nagar is near to our colony and in this are there are many big malls and you can do all purchasing in this area. The famous Keesara Temple is about 25 km from my place.

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    I live in Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur is a major city on the beautiful lake of the Sage Ashram of Jabali. 19 km from here Away from Bhedaghat, Bhrigu's tapo land meets Narmada. Here the waterfall called Dhuandhar in marble rocks is very attractive. Elephant's foot location is also visible. In fact, the Narmada River flowing amidst the natural landscape of high-rise marble rocks in Bhedaghat seems like a lake. Sailing here is like a memorable experience. In the moonlight night, the joy of this sailing increases manifold. Apart from this, there is a deep faith in temples, but sometimes we want to visit some temples where history is different from other temples. There is also a temple of Tripura Sundari Mata which was built by the kings of the Kalchuri dynasty.
    Swati Sharma

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    My city is known as Halwa city and has many more things to praise and surprise.
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    I am from Tirunelveli, a neighbouring district of Kanyakumari the southern dip district of India. I have written an article about Tirunelveli. Just CLICK to know about my district. My city is known as Halwa city and has many more things to praise and surprise.
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    Well folks my place is a major district of the administrative area of NCR. It's called South Delhi and is very close to Qutub Minar and other historical places that you visit in Delhi. The administrative block 10 Janpath Road is not very far from my place too. I sometimes go in there for a stroll on Sundays in the famous Gol Market or the Palika Bazaar.

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    SuN sir your place seems very interesting too. Other members come from quite interesting places.

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    I hail from cultural capital of Karnataka i.e., Mysore I hope no introduction is required for Mysore which is famous for Dasara celebrations, Krishnaraja Sagar Dam, Zoological Garden other places like Jaganmohan Palace also known as German Palace, places to visit around Mysore is Nanjanagud which is my home town, Sri Rangapattana, T.Narasipura for triveni sangama which is also called as Southern Kashi the exquisite place to visit at Mysore is Palace which belongs to Wodeyars overall Mysore is a travellers delight.

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    I belong to Rampura a suburban area of Neemuch district of Madhya Pradesh. Rampura is famous for its beauty, greenery, lakes, temples, etc. The sugar apple of Rampura is famous as people from different part of India want this sugar apple. Raien is a fruit (I do not know its English name) and only found here at Rampura.
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    Swati Sharma after reading your response, I feel like visiting the place to see the marble beauty of the Jabalpur. Though I had been to Varanasi by train and your city was also touched but we could not see the beauty as mentioned by you. Certainly I want to visit this city for once.
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    After reading your response, I think of tasting the sugar apple and Raien fruit of Rampura. When convenient, we shall exchange my famous item Tiruneveli Halwa with your Rampura sugar apple and Raien fruit. Let us wait for the COVID days get over.

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    I'm actually interested in both the Halwa City and the Raien fruit. Will love to visit these places if possible, but not now maybe in the near future.

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    My native is Madurai, Tamilnadu. Our city is famous for Jasmine. Besides the famous Sri Meenakshi Temple, there are many temples in and around Madurai. People call this city as Temple city. From here another famous temples like Tiruparankundram (one of the six abodes of Shri Subramanya), Sri Nellaiyappar Temple of Tirunelveli (Also famous for sweetest Halwa), Sri Andal Temple of Srivillipuththur (Also famous for Milk kova), Sankaranarayanan Temple where we can have darshan of Shankar (Siva) and Narayan (Vishnu), Pillaiyar patti where we can see Lord Ganesh in a biggest form as carved in hill, Thiruchendur (another abode of Shri Subramanya), Courtallam where famous water falls we can enjoy.
    Madurai City is also called as sleepless city as people are found busy in the city all the 24 hours.
    Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple has festival in all months so, all months the city found with festival look.

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    I am currently residing in Kharghar town in Navi Mumbai and it is a modern town with wide roads and beautiful parks at many places. Navi Mumbai is developed by the Govt agency CIDCO and they have made many towns in this area collectively called Navi Mumbai. Near Kharghar town, hills are there in the close vicinity where people go for picnic etc specially in rainy season when temporary water falls are created for some time till rain is continuing. Apart from that Kharghar is an educational hub and there are so many educational institutions here including National Institute of Fashion Technology.
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    My residence is in a place filled with greenary. You can feel yourself amidst nature. You can see the beautiful sun rise and sun set. We can many herb trees here. It is not less than a picnic spot for new comers.
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    Thanks to the author this post has opened up our members who are sharing the importance of their place and we are also coming to know about them. Why editors are keeping away and other members should also respond.
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