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    Ayurvedic touch is a success mantra for consumer goods sale in India?

    In India people at present think if consumer products are made with some plants or herbs is good for health. There is a lot of demand for these products in India. Ramdev baba's Patanjali consumer products are mostly based on Ayurvedic formula. Within a short time they topped the consumer product industry because of Ayurvedic touch they show in their production. Now a days other companies like Colgate, soap companies etc. are using this Ayurvedic touch for their success. Do you think these products are good for health even though they use chemicals along with the herbal material for manufacturing their products? Do you think in foreign countries also the same trend going on?
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    Certainly few months back, there was a great Ayurvedic push by the central government and with advent of Patanjali into the consumer goods in a big way the MNC companies which were reaping the profits has really bite the dust as most of the tooth paste which were sold by branded MNC companies have really gone mad with people opting for Ayurvedic varieties and thus forced the MNC companies also to tow the way of Ayurvedic formulations in their product manufacturing and they again captured the lost market. Since the voice for local has increased with PM Modi appealing for our product and our market push, many companies are also testing their chance on the same line and are grabbing our attention. Nevertheless if the product is good we go for the repeat use otherwise we say good bye even to Ayur products by MNC 's
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    Slowly people are understanding the bad effects of some chemicals that are used in the allopathic drugs which may cause some side bad effects. So they are trying to use ayurvedic or herbal products for their health problems. The Patanjali products gained good popularity basically because of their herbal products. They have come out with very good products for dental care, hair care and face care. They gained popularity. So the other companies are also trying to convert their products. But how far they are really herbal is not known. Dabur is also coming out with reliable products. We see the advertisements of many ayurvedic immunity products on these pages also. The ayurvedic companies are making pure Ayurvedic preparations and they are getting proved to be good. So many people are going for those products.
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    Ayurvedic medicines were quite popular in treating different disorders and the results obtained were astonishing where unlike the allopathy system such Ayurvedic medicines were devoid of the side effects. Hence the different brands such as Baidyanath, Dabur, Dhootpapeswar, Zandu captured the market with the different products liked both by the consumers and Vaidyas. Though Patanjali appeared late in the market, but using the different philosophical approach using the subsidised prices but sticking to quality, it has made large pool of customers. The popular variants of Patanjali are Giloy Ghan Vati, Aloe Vera Juice, Mukta Vati etc are immensely popular at relatively low price than other pharmaceuticals.
    Customers are comfortable with the usage of Patanjali products due to efficacy of these products. In this pandemic situation demand for Giloy, Tulasi, Gooseberry has increased tremendously and the same is being fulfilled by Patanjali successfully.

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    People are realising the importance of Ayurvedic or natural items for keeping a good immune of the body and increasing the resistance towards ailments. Moreover these products do not harm us and were used by our ancestors frequently. So, it makes sense to buy these products as per the choice of the person and use them regularly for keeping the body safe and secure from the external attacks.
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    Our ancestors were following Ayurveda system as a way of life. It is only just a few decades that other systems have come to be in vogue and use. The procurement and preparation of authentic medicines started becoming difficult in our modern way of life. So we slowly drifted away and started to use the allopathic system and the chemical drugs.
    However the realisation and awareness that even Allopathy does not have cure for most illnesses and there are side effects and various health issues in long term, people started to try alternative systems and Ayurveda fitted the best.
    Moreover there came modern ways of manufacturing of medicines in Ayurvedic system also. Though the old efficacy was reduced in use of modern technology, it became very convenient to make, handle, distribute, preserve and use these factory made medicines. So people started using them and found that they are better due to lack of side effects and also because they cured and are holistic.
    It is natural that entrepreneurs will always encash right opportunities. The same happened in this case also

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    Ayurveda is our cultural heritage and it has been used in this part of the world since time immortal. The Ayurveda philosophy is to keep the body resistant and full of immune strength and that is achieved with natural ingredients and natural methods. People have seen the efficacy of Ayurveda system in avoiding the ailments by keeping a particular life style. Today the commercial products coming out of the Ayurvedic companies are a mixed lot and contain many chemicals also. But the thing is that the percentage wise the chemical is less in them. For example in Ayurvedic detergent the chemical detergent is quite less and other ingredients like Neem leaves etc are there to make it pleasant to the hands and other exposed body parts of a person who is using it for washing the clothes. The commercialisation has opened a big market for these products not only in our country but abroad also.
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