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    Walk your talk and feel the secured life

    Keeping your words and promises is a mark of one's character. Say what only what you can do and earn the respect of others.

    We have to keep our words and promises and never ever miss the commitments and duties towards others because there would be much expectations from us. If we are able to keep our words. we would be regarded high in the family, society and we need not fear about any misadventure from others as we can live a secured life. And those who fool others with wrong promises, delayed commitments or stalling attitude would not only lose value within the family but also bring bad repute in the society and that would be difficult to overcome.
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    True. Don't make any false promises. Once you promise, you should fulfil the same. We should not forget the commitments we made and we should see that they will be completed as per the schedule. That will give a good opinion to others to about us. Of course, if you want to be a political leader you should practice making false promises and forgetting them conveniently.
    In a family, the situation may be different. The members should have mutual understanding and we should not blame others if they are not able to complete their commitments. We should be helpful to them and we should understand the reasons and extend our help to the maximum extent possible. The same thing will hold with friends also. But in our offices and workplaces, we have to see our commitments should be completed. Otherwise, you will become a non-performer.

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    The author is right, making a promise is a very easy task but when its time to fulfill it could be difficult for people it would be actual promise only when it is fulfilled with the same passion. There are many people who have to make a promise when they have their means or to show themselves great, but when it comes time to fulfill them, then they prepare a list of excuses every time. These sorts of people who do not fulfill their promises do not get that respect in the society because when someone trusts our promise then their faith rests on that promise.

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    Very nice thread from the author. When we promise we should keep our worlds otherwise the people in the society would have a feeling about us that we are not reliable and next time when we tell them something they would not believe us and we would be in an embarrassing condition. Doing such mistakes in our lives slowly degrades our reputation and our status in the society is downgraded.
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    Keeping words what we have given is most important in the Human Life. There is no worst thing in a life above anything, if we not fulfill the word given by him. All religion insists the keeping promise. In Muslims, Nabi Nayagam told in one place that we should never deceive even a child on any situation. We sometimes told children to get a chocolate if he/she do a lesson or home work but the father or mother or any person who gave the word should fulfill the same and they should not think that it is a child only.

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    I agree with the author and think keeping the promises is a crucial factor in deciding our reputation. Once or twice because of some specific issues one may not keep a promise but if it continues all the time then the person will definitely lose reputation. There is no point in promising every time and say sorry later on for not keeping up the promise. When we are promising something we are creating a sort of expectation on the other person and when this expectation is not fulfilled the person gets hurt. Keeping up the promise is also a way of developing trust and if there is no trust between each other then life is quite difficult. We must gauge the limitations and promise only what we can do. Somehow in various aspects of lives, we remain dependent on one another and for that keeping our words are essential.

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    Keeping one's word is one of the great qualities of a person. It increases the trust of people and helps develop a decent and reasonable relationship in society. Keeping one's promises has an everlasting impact on the mentality of people in a society. People see such a person as trustworthy and honest in his or her commitment. People with a sincere and honest approach in life are victorious and thriving. Only a profound and truthful soul can seal the deal without any confrontations. Keeping one's word is winning the heart and soul, and it is the essence of a food character.

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