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    Be happy when you are growing slowly because others are stand still

    Many of us wants development in our lives and that is aimed at improving our standard of living in all the spheres. Be it education, earning, having own properties or made a good progress earning wise irrespective of inflation and adverse affects. But some wants the best things happening to them always and they get perturbed with slow progress. They should understand that even slow progress of life is good and sustained because others are stand still in their lives and we are at least making some progress or the other.
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    Big or small is relative. You are aged when you are compared to a person who is aged less than you. You are young when you compare yourselves with a person who is aged than you. Same is the case with rich and poor. The important point is with whom you compare yourselves.
    If we start comparing ourselves with the people who are more in troubles than us, we will feel that we are lucky. That will give a positive frame of mind. That will help us to perform better and we can prosper. Instead of that if we compare with others who are progressing well and start worrying, we will get into a negative mood of mind. But if we take it sportively and accept as a challenge and work hard, we can also progress fast. All depend on how you take and how you react.

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    Comparison can be done with item or person with similar one in all respects. I went to an eye doctor, who is a friend of mine also, for check up. My cousin casually came with me who is similar age of mine but with one month difference. Doctor after checking was over prescribed me with changing my spectacles as power variation found. My cousin suddenly intended to check himself went inside the doctor's room. As the doctor known to me I also went with him and told the doctor with smile, that, 'we both are similar age but I am wearing glass since last 20 years but he is not at all wearing any glass. Make him to wear a glass'. After checking doctor told me that, 'sorry, still his eyes are normal and no need to wear a glass".
    Similarly we should never compare with others as the development etc., will vary from person to person, We can see people doing mischievous things are honored but doing virtual things are criticized,

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