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    Involve in your problems to get out with lasting solutions

    As long as life is good and enjoyable, we welcome every moments and even record the cherished happenings for the future reference. But when we face the problems. we keep red faced and unable to come out of the crux and keep on murmuring to others that we are in problem and wants to come out of it. Actually we should involve in the problems so that what went wrong, and what could be the real answer to it can be found and a lasting solution could be in sight. Once we are successful the world is the opportunity to try the next problem.
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    Understanding the problem is very important to find out a solution. When we go to a Doctor and explain the health problems we are facing he will try to diagnose the disease and if necessary he will go for clinical testings. Once the problem is diagnosed, suggesting medication is not a problem. If the identification is not done properly, we may go for a wrong medicine which will complicate further. That is why in this present Pandemic also tests are more important.
    The same rule applies to our real-life problems also. Troubleshooting is an important issue. So one should involve himself in the problem and know the problem correctly and then the solution will come out automatically. But many people ignore this fact and ho for trial and error method. They will try to try one by one and find out the best option.

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    I guess it is important to engage yourself in the problem you or the society is facing. Problems or challenges are just the dual aspects of nature. Once a problem is solved your participation is also rewarded with due credit in cash or prestige. Hope this answers your query.

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