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    What is the best way for your child online education or off line education?

    I have been asked many times about the question what is the best way for my child whether online or offline education.
    Everytime I suggest them that both have different value. Online education makes you smart and confident to do and solve questions throgh online by presseing keys on keyboard. It helps students to speed up their thinking power and future competitive exams.

    Whereas offline study makes bond inbetween teacher and student which is no doubt a more valuable things to grow the mental abilities.
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    I am of the firm opinion that a child of small age attending to pre primary education needs personal care and bonding for that support of the teacher and parents is must and online classes cannot be the helpful to them. For example the nursery students start their learning with strokes. That is standing line, sleeping line , open curve and close curve. All the alphabet letters are in these formations only. I am sure a new learning child needs the help of teacher to have the grip over the pencil or chalk to write these and even at home the parents must help them. The online classes may not give such kind of personal touch.
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    In my opinion, traditional classroom education is the best for the development of the student.
    The teacher will have direct access to the students and the students will have direct access to their teachers. When the teachers meet in the school they will have a chance to interact and plan their time better for teaching.
    A teacher can observe the students more closely and educated them as required so that they will be getting the maximum benefit,
    A child will get more disciplined once they come and sit in a classroom. The ambience will be different and it will make the student get more focussed on the subject. When the student is attending the online classes he will be sitting on his bed in the bedroom and sitting before the laptop or tablet or phone. The environment is not that much helpful to the student to focus on his studies.
    The students can discuss with each other when they sit in the classroom and they will be able to trash out their doubts and if necessary they can consult personally the teacher.

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    Definitely, I am in favour of offline classes as it is the best way of child development. Small age children need interaction with the teacher for better learning. In this age group, interaction is more important for personality development. I think there is no alternative to offline classes. As in the traditional classroom, students learn many things like discipline, punctuality, sharing things, respect for others etc. There is no scope of learning moral value in an online class due to lack of proper interaction. Another thing is device problem occurs in this education.
    Besides, an online class is boring for small age children. They can't concentrate on their studies due to lack of environment. No doubt, the classroom teaching method is the best method of teaching.

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    I think there is no substitute of physical offline education system. It not only educates the child but helps him in learning a lot of other things which are necessary for overall growth. Just remaining in house and undergoing online education does not look a healthier option.
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