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    Is humility as a good Value, as good as gone in our society?

    We have had glorious examples of outstanding leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, Kamaraj, Sardar Patel and others of their ilk, who were so humble and did not have their egos displayed at any point in time.

    And then we had Mr.Vajpayee and Dr. Manmohan Singh. They were humble too. Today's leaders are so arrogant. They have to their credit, atrocious hate speeches that have even drawn the ire of the Supreme Court. Even when atrocities happen at such small intervals and with intensities, the ruling class pretends as if nothing has happened. This is just not acceptable. We now need leaders who can accept real truths and go all out to render justice. They cannot try to supress dissent, and this is exactly what is being done.

    Is humility lost now? What can we do to revive it?
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    Bring back leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, Kamaraj, Sardar Patel and Dr Manmohan. Then we will see the lost prestige back and we will have a glorious future, They will accept real truths and go all out to render justice. They will allow the opposition to talk and India will progress well. Let the Congress party search for the candidates who are good enough like the above-said personalities and let them contest in the coming elections and win. Then I think the dream of the author will get fulfilled.
    If the voters are really not happy with the present leaders, they will vote them out of power. By that time, if Congress can identify good candidates and train them and teach them the good methodologies so that we will have humble people in power. Till such time we have to go on with the present people.
    But what we have to do now is to start the campaign and educate the voters so that they will never vote for wrong candidates like the people who are in power now. The education to voters is very important.

    always confident

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