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    Dealing with COVID-19 without fear –2: do the test early

    More than the fear of catching the virus is this fear of doing the test because it leads to the fear, "What if the test is positive?" Get practical, everyone. Don't think of yourself alone. Think of the people you stay with (family members) and those with whom you interact (office colleagues, shopkeepers, etc). If you have a symptom and avoid or delay doing the test, later your health may worsen, then only you wake up to do the test and it turns out positive…just think of the number of people whose life you have risked because you were too frightened to do the test.

    Speaking of the symptoms - we've generally been told as the most common to look for are fever, continuous cough and sore throat, breathlessness, etc. Generally, an oximeter comes handy to check low oxygen levels when somebody is breathless, and that is fine if you do have very elderly people at home and consider it a necessity. However, as mentioned in the previous suggestion, it must not to be the case that only when the oxygen level drops that the doctor should be contacted (and by the way, how reliable the readings of an oximeter are, I frankly do not know).

    Did you know that a possible indication of the onset of the virus can also be excessive tiredness, a gastric problem, and being in a daze? "Some people are asymptomatic, while others might experience a variety of symptoms—including dry cough, fever, shortness of breath, fatigue, loss of sense of smell or taste, gastrointestinal issues, or even pink eye." Reference: (within this article is a related article on symptoms).

    Now, don't panic and go into over-drive! A sign of indigestion can simply mean that – indigestion only, nothing more. If it continues to persist, though, despite whatever medication is prescribed for you by your GP, and nausea, inability to eat, vomiting, etc are ongoing as well, please do consider doing the test. This is what seemed to have happened in the case of my relatives. They had no typical symptoms of fever, cold, continuous coughing or breathlessness. Although they did mention an upset stomach, but no nausea and vomiting, they were finding it difficult to eat proper meals. We got alarmed when it went beyond 4-5 days, and the conversation on the phone became progressively incoherent with a wobbly, garbled voice. A relevant article:

    Anyway, finally the Covid test was done. As of today, my relatives are recovering in the hospital with oxygen and relevant medications.

    I once again reiterate that one should not panic, that the onset of a symptom may not necessarily be an indication of Covid-19, such as a fever being simply a viral flu and nothing more. Yet, you need to stay alert, especially if there are senior citizens in your home. The slightest sign of something off, something that is not what it should be – get the test done pronto. The thing is that there is so much about the virus that is unknown. Each time one research study mentions one symptom, another research study will come up with some further symptoms connected to COVID-19.

    The test is known as the RT-PCR Test and it involves taking a swab of the throat and nose. Please get the test done only through an authorized lab. The State-wise list of labs is available here-

    Also, do not rely wholly on the Antigen test simply because you want to get the result fast. Please refer to the directive issued by the Union Health Ministry in this article -

    Be safe, don't fear, take an informed decision and if required do the test early when something is not quite right.
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    The author suggestion as to go for tests early and do not wait for the disease to occur and spread to others in the family. Well it does sounds good and must be followed. But the cost of the tests are varying and high in many places and those who are fit enough find these tests wastage of expenses as they are already taking precaution medicines and house hold items which is keeping them fit. Moreover those who are not moving out at all feel that they are being dragged into the test race. The testing centers are not ensuring the cleanliness nor one can have the courage to go there and test if it is from the government side. However I do agree that those who are elders and has even little symptoms must opt for the tests and ensure that they are fit and can be believed to serve. But that kind of thinking yet to come.
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    The author has provided valuable tips to detect the various symptoms associated with COVID 19 pandemic and some of the symptoms such as gastrointestinal issues may appear which may create confusion to the sufferers. Hence we should be aware of the different forms of this virus enabling us to take remedial steps in time.
    To that extent, it will help us in detecting the virus if the same has made inroads in our system. However, I am shocked with the false reports released by some centre declaring one to be affected with the disease showing the status as corona positive and in course of rechecking the result was found false. Such false reports may produce unnecessary strain apart from involvement of additional expenses relating to tests. The government should be extra vigilant to ban such test centres.

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    Identification, which is called diagnosis in medical terms is very important for any disease. Once the problem is correctly identified, then only you can take the corrective steps. One should not have a fear of getting tested. Always it is good if we can understand the disease when it is its initial phase only. Once it becomes severe or chronic curing is also difficult and we may have to take many hardships.
    One of my relatives is having no symptoms. But his colleague got Corona positive. So my relative also went for testing.and went for isolation. He was tested positive. No complications. After 7 days he underwent the testing again. He was tested negative. With him all his family members also get the testing done and all are tested negative only. If there are no symptoms also if there is an element of doubt, it is better to get the test performed.
    My driver was getting a cough and I sent him for testing immediately and he was tested negative and he took medicine for his cough and got cured.

    always confident

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    A lot of useful information is provided in this post and it is true that we have to be careful and alert and at the same time should not panic and get the desired tests done. In our society some people got this infection and were tested positive. They were asked to remain in house only in an isolation room and certain drugs were prescribed. All of them have recovered in 10-15 days time. This has increased the confidence of other residents that in most of the cases people are getting cured by their own resistance and immune system and the prescribed medicines.
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    Timely test can save us from many other problems which can arise if the test is delayed. It is true that there are many teat centres which are not working in a proper fashion and there are issues of governance but corona is such a big threat that many places people are under panic and it is affecting the efficiency everywhere. People who are working in sensitive areas are at a greater risk and that itself is creating a lot of stress in them. Anyway this is not a time to criticise and undermine the worth of people working in test centres, hospitals, and other centres as they are doing their work under complete threat perception. This is the time to cooperate with the workers and authorities which are time and again insisting us to take precautions and safety measures in this matter. Our cooperation is a major factor for bringing the containment of this virus spread earlier than expected. We are not doing this favour for ourselves, we are in fact doing it for the whole humanity.
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    I got the antigen test done even though without symptoms. There was a random sampling done hence i too was there. There was not much of a difference except after the test there is a bit pain in nostrils and tongue. This recopes in a day. We can get the report within a short period on our mobiles itself. As the government suggests the basic precautions of mask and social distancing is a must. Take care of yourself before you fall prey to this virus as the saying goes "a stitch in time saves nine".
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    Following my own advice here, as soon as I woke up a few days ago with a slight headache and extreme fatigue, I right away put on my mask and isolated myself. Got indigestion too a little later, and due to the same symptoms occurring with my relatives, I booked a home visit for the RT-PCR test. The test result, fortunately, was negative, but the fatigue was lingering and since we do know about faulty test kits being recalled, as a precautionary measure stayed isolated for an extra day.

    Today resuming light work here, and happy to be back at ISC! Will put up some more threads a few days heron, in this related series, for general information.

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