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    What would you suggest to the people who lost their job due to covid19

    Covid19 has affected our economy badly. All businesses were bolted, all schools locked and all transport stopped rolling on the roads due to corona pandemic. Almost every sector got trapped and faced problems. Country's economy depreciated and downgraded to all-time low causing severe damage to the people of the country. And unemployment is one of the major problems that erupted during the pandemic and those who were already working in some companies lost their jobs. India is facing huge unemployment crises. Educated people are forced to do jobs not relevant to their professions like manual jobs or unskilled work. Educated youth are depressed and unhappy over the employment crises in the country. Those who are still working as remote workers or those who, despite the pandemic, are working virtually are privileged one's. But for those who have lost their jobs and not getting any work to do, what would members suggest for them as an alternative to their jobs they lost and be able to earn some bucks if not a hefty amount for their living.
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    It is the fact that many people lost their jobs during the pandemic and some are being continued with half salary and some or taken on temporary basis. All these challenges are new to the country and people and those who have the self confidence within them are taking this setback as an opportunity and trying their fortune to do self business or looking for other jobs. One thing is sure if the jobs were lost for the no fault of the previous employee, he can regain the same once the situation improves across the world. Most of the IT companies are concerned with the parent companies abroad and there the situation is worse than us. So give some more lead time to the companies who shall definitely call those who have been laid off. And for a forward looking person any work should be handy to move on.
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    People should look for ways to diversify their income sources and not be dependant on one skill. This will improve not only their income but also social status. Folks who've been practicing this before corona era do not have to face economic or financial hardships.

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    Yes. Many people are struggling. Many lost their jobs. Many have no clue about the ways or means to earn money for their expenses.
    People are not going out and doing purchases. Many of them are getting the material online. So the jobs for delivery boys increased. So people who were working as drivers or in similar posts can try these jobs and go for delivery boys works by taking all the precautions while moving out for delivery.
    Many industries slowly coming back to work. So they can again go and start working with them. The employers will definitely consider their ex-employees.
    If we can invest small amounts, we can think some works in our houses like making some pickles and similar dishes and selling to known families. Similarly making some snacks in the house and selling to known families is also one job we can try. Tuitions online or in-person if we know the families. These are the options that come to my mind. Anyhow online earning options are there which are known to all.

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    People with real courage and willingness will not hesitate to take up available openings. A private school teacher in Salem, Tamilnadu did not get his salary as the schools are not running. He took this as a challenge . He take a mini tempo with blackboard, essentials and visit the outskirts of the town to take tuitions at a particular point. Parents paying him on daily basis with happy.

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