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    Do you sometimes feel guilty the way things are?

    It does not require a highly qualified economist to understand and interpret society. Apart from the filthy rich and the rich, we (most of the members of ISC included) are members of a vast middle class that controls the entire society. We may nor may not vote in any election ( that day is meant to pack to the native places by thousands of people), but the fact remains that we feed the profits of or Flipkart or KFC or Domino Pizza or HUL or P&G or ITC or whatever.

    We yield tremendous power. We also contribute to a big chunk of the Income tax and other taxes. Yet, do we sometimes feel guilty when we notice the pitable state of hundreds of thousands of people, all around us? Do we feel islolated or concerned? Do we care to even talk to a few, more particularly, those who live on the pavements, sleep on them, and raise their children on the same platforms? We may turn our head and feel offended by their unclean ways, but they are also human beings. They might be pulling a cart or lifting heavy jute bags in the big grocery stores. They still live with a pittance...

    We have our PF and other balances to fall back upon. We can still feel safe in our small, but adequate flats and apartments in cities and the big towns. Or in independent houses in our native places. But what about those who have none of those? What are we going to do about them?
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    True. If we see small kids who come to you for begging we fell pity for them. In that age, they should go to a school and get the education. But because of poverty, they are suffering like this. As an individual, the best I can do is I can donate a little to them. But it is not going to bring them out of poverty.
    The people who are supposed to make their lives happy are not caring for them. They are all busy in filling their own bank balances.
    The author can suggest some ways wherein we can come out with some working model for helping the people who are living below the poverty line. Can we think of farming an NGO and try to help such people, I am ready to join the author in such activities and take an active part in contributing money as well as service.

    always confident

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    Surely things are not going the way we want. If you and me think the same nothing is going to happen, a tremendous change in the system and thought process of the people would be required to change as envisaged by the author. The western culture of online marketing has been helping the online companies in big way and we tend to bargain the cart seller who comes to our street and even scold him for low quality. We are ready to pay 60 rupees for two pieces of Idli ordered by online and the same Idli served with choicest chutney at the road side pushcarts to which we feel degraded and not up to our level of cleanliness. We the people are making situation worse by giving selecting approach and selective purchases and not caring the poor vendors who want to strive and live with meager income from doing the small business of catering.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    As a Human Relations Management person I wish to state that the responsibility for such lack of savings schemes is not only Government or Economist but the employees themselves are responsible.

    Many employers and employees do not aware that the provisions of PF are social security measures for employees and PF accumulations could help them in future.

    First, many employees drawing more than the ceiling limit for PF they do not want to cover themselves into PF as they drawing more than that of.

    Secondly those who are covered under PF do not want to leave the accumulations to some extent but trying to withdraw the money.

    Thirdly if they shift to another job they want to withdraw the fund without considering the provision of getting transferred the accumulations to their present employer and thereby he/she can keep the savings amount untouched which will help him or her in their old age.

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    Yes Rao Sir. I have been thinking of a model, but it does take a bit of time to think about it from all perspectives. I will give details here itself. Possibly, within a few days from today.

    Secondly, I totally agree with Mohan Sir. I also do not like to order food online. They are merely exploiting the educated unemployed, by giving them a pittance of a salary. I had even suggested in one my threads or a reaction to my thread that the hotel owners may themselves be magnanimous enough to give one free meal or some tea or free breakfast to the poor fellow who turns up and is sometimes forced to wait for 20 minutes to get the parcel ready. Will the hotel owners close their shop if they do it? Am sure they will not die. In Coimbatore, an old lady is selling idlis at Re.1 apiece and she had her servce had even been quoted by the BBC news.

    The Hindu had carried an article about it. Her service to society continues. We need hundreds of such people. The Amma cnanteen was started by the AIADMK party in the urban areas, but corruption has totally spoiled it. For example, there are some reports that the goons of the ruling party buy 20000 idlis at one rupee each and sell these to the hotels who hike the price by Rs.7 and sell it for Rs,8/-- The party man runs away with a profit of Rs.20,000 as he gets Rs.2 in cash from the hotel owner,. One really does not know if it is true, but there are so many reports that this is going on.

    Unless we have a change of heart and a big moral revolution, we cannot do anything. Yet, let us do our bit. I will come up with a model in a few days time and write about it here.

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