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    People should promote the source of renewable energy.

    Humans discovered various sources of energy, which have become an integral part of modern lifestyles. First of all, humans used traditional sources of energy - coal, gas, petroleum, etc., which are limited in quantity as well as harmful to the environment when overused.

    The ever-decreasing amount of petrol, diesel, coal, gas, etc. has made us think that we have to find resources for tomorrow's energy needs which are never-ending and our life goes smoothly without any energy crisis. Renewable energy resources are an important step in this direction

    Environmental protection will also be possible through this and under global warming we will also be free from the international pressure of more carbon dioxide emissions. Together we will all be successful in finding solutions to our energy-recovery and environment-protection problems shortly.
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    Reducing the use of conventional fuels like coal, petroleum products etc us the need of the hour. We have to find out alternatives to those fuels is very important. Solar energy is one such renewable energy and governments are encouraging the use of solar energy. Now many industries also started having their own solar energy plants. Another source is the windmill. This is also a good alternative for electricity production using coal.
    Now the most talked about is an electric vehicle. Already we have some 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers are in the market. The bus is also there. The only problem of charging arrangements of batteries. If we can have this facility of exchanging the battery with a charged battery like filling of petrol, the uses of these buses will increase.
    All the citizens should think about this renewable energy and should make moves to create and use that energy rather than the traditional sources.

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    The author has been suggesting us to have less dependence on conventional energies and go for renewable energies. It is true that solar power, windmill power and battery operated energies are now making forays into the daily lives but out of this the wind mill is less explored. Only at the BHEL R & D office in Hyderabad I have seen the wind mill is used to operate the bore pump for the entire factory. It seems to be cumbersome free and more cheaper way to conserve the electricity but only thing is that the wind must be available for the operation. Even in AP at Penukonda, I have seen lots of wind mill is being operated to generate power for the state. So from this it is clear that much awareness has to be created for solar power which is proving very costly to which middle class people cannot afford and govt must promote this in big way.
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    Though the renewable energy is the alternative solution to replace the conventional energy but still we have to go a long way to make the alternative system feasible and cheaper. Though we have seen the solar panels installed on the roofs may produce electricity sufficient enough to operate three fans and lighting requirements of our domestic purpose but still it has some constraints panel would work provided there is radiant sun beam to generate power. Moreover, the cost in producing an unit of electricity is not economical so as to go in that direction. Still we have to explore the other points which may help to reduce its operational cost to the point it can be utilised by the common men. Wind energy has its own limiting pointing the sense we must have sufficient wind blow to rotate the fans installed externally so the turbines rotate to generate power. Two and four wheelers operating on batteries need to charged after the coverage of some specified distance and the charging provisions are to streamlined further so as to reap benifits.
    We have every hope that there will be gradation of the methods in the time ahead so that the renewable energy would prove economical.

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    A successful renewable source of energy is very important as other sources continue to get depleted. Sources such as sunlight, the wind, the waves and human motion can all be used to generate alternative source of energy.

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    Natural resources are the assets of a country. India has sufficient amount of natural resources. The author is right to say that these natural resources which are being exploited today, sooner or later will get exhausted like petroleum. So we should focus on renewable resources to generate energy. Mainly these resources are Solar energy, Wind energy, Hydro energy, Tidal energy, Geothermal energy, Biomass energy 
    Among all these resources sunlight is one of our planet's most abundant and freely available energy resources. Now a days solar energy is becoming popular among masses. It's commonly used by general consumers to reduce electricity bill.

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    Many renewable source of energy are being successfully exploited by using suitable technologies worldwide and more is on the anvil. Though various Govt worldwide are offering sops and subsidies for promoting these energy alternatives but still a lot of work is to be done to bring the cost of these projects to affordable levels and one of the most important thing is the participation and awareness of the general public in these matters. Today we are using wood and coal in large amount across the globe in villages and remote areas and that is contributing to the carbon dioxide to environment. Burning of jungles in wild fire is another threat to the environment. Preserving our habitat, stopping cutting of trees, and many other such measures are the need of the hour and for this not only the authorities and agencies but also the people have to become aware and responsible in all aspects of environmental concerns.
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