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    A leader says that his party, if in power, would have sent the enemy back within 15 minutes

    Dear Members,
    One of the young politicians and high ranking opposition party leader says that he would have sent back the enemies from our illegally occupied territories within 15 minutes, if their party was in power.

    How do you see this statement of that young leader? Do you feel it as a joke or take it seriously?
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    Can he/she do it. SuN today in our country politicians are loosing credibility on scale not thought about before. Partially this is due to fake media and due to the incompetence of government policies. Data about an event is manipulated to suit the whims of government. What one must believe and what not??? is a big question mark in itself. Politicians making vague remarks on the security of our nation is extremely ridiculous and shameful at best. If the said politician is really capable of contributing towards the safety of the nation then he/she must work towards it on the grassroot level. Such loose talk and giving false hopes will no longer be the norm anymore. We want action with authentic credibility.

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    He is the same leader who suspected the credibility of our force, demanding the proof of the surgical attack carried out by our Air Force on enemy camps in response to the Pulwama attack. The leader underestimated the strength of the Indian Armed Forces. I think, the same leader will go to the border with a gun to tell the enemy to go back to their territory. Leaders should think well before they utter any word regarding the security of our country. The leader's grandfather, grand mother and father could not resolve the border problem with our neighbours. And this small leader talks about chasing the enemy within 15 minutes who could not be chased for many decades. Extremely ridiculous.
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    Mr. Sun, can you give the reference for the statement made by a young and high ranking opposition party leader as mentioned in your post? I have not come across any such statement. If you furnish the reference, I can go through it.
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    This is going viral. He also said that he would have sent back the enemy 100 kms inside from their border. What a spirit of the leader who could not manage his party and resigned from his party leadership once! What can be his order to Indian troops to achieve this? I think he has a magic wand in his hand to send the enemy back to their land.
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    We keep on hearing statements which appear ridiculous from our politicians. They will make many promises. But once they come into power they forget the same conveniently.
    The Present Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh promised the people that if he is voted to power, he will fight with the central government and see that the State will be given special status. He is in power and already more than a year is over. He has no voice before the central government to talk about the special status. He has to obey their orders. Otherwise, cases by CBI against him will become active.
    We should not take those words and decide about our vote based on the works they have done earlier and the performance of the present government. We can take candidates history also into account before deciding. These days politicians never bother to keep up their promises. They worry more about their power only.

    always confident

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    After reading this post laughter spilled from my end as the so called leader and his party had enough time before as their party was in power and they given the chance to build the enemy to occupy the territory for money. Some people go mad if they are not in power and their statement clearly shows that they are vexed with the over popularity of the present government and it is getting more stronger and stronger after every elections. Unable to digest this and the so called party cannot dig at any scam or the corruption charges so far against the ruling party and thus brought this issue to the fore as if the present government has failed. One thing is sure, let him dream of becoming the head of the country, but as long as the voters are not convinced he would remain as the most inconsistent leader ever seen by this country.
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    Mr.Sun, Where it is going viral? I have not seen any such news on TV channels or on the internet. Hope you give a link to such news.
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    KVRR seems to be more concerned about this news and wants proof and here is the information is given by me for reference and response.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Now I have seen the news report link given by Mr. Mohan. I say it was foolish of Rahul Gandhi to say so.
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    @Sun: Does our Army have the power and capability to send foreign soldiers back into their territory? If yes, then, Can they drive them back within 15 minutes? If yes, then his statement is not wrong, If no, then, how much time our army will take to complete this task?

    This question came in my mind if we take his statement in a positive way.

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    This is a story I had heard during my student days.

    The Guru was reviewing the progress in training (on defence) by a prince under him. The Guru asked the student what he has learnt and how he feels now. The student answers he can handle an entire army single handed and drive them away. The Guru smiles and says you need more practice. After some days the review is repeated. The student says he is confident he can beat an army of 100 enemy army men. Guru sends him for more practice. After some days Guru again asks the student. Now the student says that he can face an enemy warrior and defeat him.

    The Guru says your training is now over. You now know your strength and limitations and have mastered the subject.

    Probably the said leader in this thread is like the student of initial days training in this story. e needs a lot of learning and practice to know and comprehend the complexities and reality.

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    It is good to dream such things when it is not really possible to do such things. The leader is in a dream world of becoming a PM of this country. Let him dream, and let us support his dream. However, he is trying to make fool of this country and the countrymen. He doesn't know that the whole country is ridiculing his dream speech. In the next election, he would lose the votes, and also the existing states ruled by his party.

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    One cannot chase a dog out of society compound in 15 minutes and he is talking about chasing an army out of the border. Hilarious, is the only word to describe his statement.

    I think those with little bit of memory also remember his dream of making a machine and giving it to farmers where you put potato as input and get gold as output.

    Also he will said that he will give plot of lands to farmers on the moon and also the farmers can sell their produce directly at the airport.

    The list is endless and no doubt he has been given a name which aptly fits him. I wonder how can anyone miss him, he is the biggest comedian and can win any laughter challenge any day. I also feel pity on those who find anything serious about him or his statements.

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    And I was expecting AB Siva Kumar to respond to this thread but he started parallel thread to take on the Prime Ministere Modi and his traits so far.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    @Mohan sir, this is what happens when one watches too much news and get brainwashed by the media. Instead of starting a new thread, counter opinion, if any could have been posted here only.

    As I said, those who still find any promise in the opposition leader is living under the stone and that stone has penetrated deep in their head.

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    Members should not bring other names unnecessarily. Everyone has the right to respond or not to respond.
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    My question was different which you did not reply.
    Does our Army have the power and capability to send foreign soldiers back into their territory? If yes, then, Can they drive them back within 15 minutes? If yes, then his statement is not wrong, If no, then, how much time our army will take to complete this task?

    O.K. leave it.

    As far as dreaming of PM-ship is concerned, he'd have been as former PM if his mother had proposed his name in place M.M. Singh for UPA2.

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    Never doubt the strength of our defence forces. I believe that they are mighty to fight and drive back the enemy back to their territory. But not within 15 minutes. It may take 15 hrs, or 15 days or 15 months or 15 years. Because we do not know the real strength of our enemy. If we have a weak enemy, we can throw them away within 15 days. If strong, it might take 15 years.
    OKay. Leave it.
    About the mother making her son as PM. Mother knows the efficiency and capability of her own son. That's the reason she did make MMS as PM, keeping her son away. She is not politically much intelligent to think and plan well.

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    RaGa has a bright future as an entertainer and not to take him seriously for his comments and acts.

    The fact of the matter is that even the Maggie can't be cooked in 15 min time but although this being irrelevant to the topic but many of us would agree that fistful still has the goodwill to be in news for some sick & irrelevant statements with no rational perspectives in real life.

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    What is your stand on 15 min. time? Could you pl. also share your research on about how much area that we have lost to our neighbors during the Congress ruling?

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    @SuN: You are too harsh of her.

    @Ved Prakash Anand:
    - I take it metaphorically, however, if taken literally, our army is capable enough to do so.

    - BJP minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and Rajya Sabha member Ram Jethamalani had asked Question No. 2447. Pranab Mukherjee on December 14, 2006 in Rajya Sabha replied to queries about the border dispute with China and said, "China continues to be in illegal occupation of approximately 38,000 square kilometres in the Indian State of Jammu & Kashmir. In addition, under the so-called Sino-Pakistan Boundary Agreement of 1963, Pakistan illegally ceded 5,180 square kilometres of Indian territory in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir to China."

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    So, it is very clear that the party then in power had done nothing to chase the enemies from the illegally occupied areas for the last 15 years or more. And the young leader is talking about throwing the enemy back to their territory within 15 minutes. I think he would ride a horse with a sword in hand like Alexander the Great and fight single-handedly to drive away enemies from our land.
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    {Please note that this response is with reference to some comments made by the participants to this thread}.

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    Dear Editor Saji,
    If the comments are not appropriate, the editors have the right to edit or delete the message or the responses rather than saying 'We are not responsible.".

    Dear Editor, Kindly don't shirk your responsibilities.

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    For the first time a good discussion is going on with so many responses and that proves this thread can be converted in to GD also because the atrocious way the Congress leader is demeaning the forces and govt need to be condemned.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    @Mohan Sr, this also shows that political topics are preferred by members over general topics, as students mostly refrain from such discussions. Anyway, discussion on RaGa will be quite entertaining as his list of jokes is a class apart.
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    Manoj if we do not discuss the politics here, then what for this forum created ? We have eminent members who can throw light on varied politics and thus this thread seems to be trending.
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    ISC doesn't stop us talking politics. ISC encourages good discussion on politics, but discourages personal attacks, indecent remarks and absurd language used during the discussion.

    This thread is to discuss about a government's capability to fight against our enemies. The discussion is whether we are strong enough to throw back our enemies within a small number of minutes, as the enemies have already entered and occupied our territories for many months.

    What BJP can do and What UPA could do? If BJP cannot do it, how UPA will do it? Do these parties have different Armed forces to fight against our enemies?

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    No problem in discussing politics also on this site. But a good discussion will be there when we discuss based on the point and its importance. We, generally, tend to have a biased discussion. We try to take sides based on our affiliations. How there can be a useful discussion when we are biased.
    In India, the opposition parties will always try to say that the ruling party is not doing properly and we might have done this and that. But we know the capabilities, What constructive work can be done in 15 minutes. If a politician says that it speaks about his immaturity only. But we never expect such statements from the opposition party's future and present hope. I feel sorry for the party. No one will appreciate the statement and nobody will consider that statement as practicable.

    always confident

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    It's true that we judge politicians based on our affiliations, but the affiliation should not hamper the common goal i.e. result that is ought to be delivered by the ruling party. The opposition no doubt is giving knee jerk reactions on every occasion and banishing out their own party members every now and then on fall of a hat.

    The opposition is acting very immaturely and their top leaders are living example of that. No doubt they have huge resources which they use to turn tides in their favour sometimes and no wonder media houses have also exposed their affiliation and are no more biased. Media, politics, everything has become a fight for supremacy rather than a voice for a change and betterment of society and nation as a whole.

    They fight like cat and mouse and make a mockery all over the World of this country, even here many threads are started under the guise of polished language to demean a person based on his personal affiliation.

    I think editors are smart enough to read between the lines but somehow they too miss locking the thread or let it pass just to be politically correct.

    I again reiterate that discussion is always healthy but when the thread is a biased one it becomes more of a debate and spreads negativity in the minds of people reading it. Words if chosen properly can mean a lot or can be very mean at the same time.

    Live before you leave.

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