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    What would be India after 10 years from now ?

    Forget about pandemic, forget about economic slow down, forget about natural disasters and forget about situation volatile at the borders. What would be the position of our country by the year 2030. Will India be the super power of the world, Are we going to dictate terms at the UN Security council in future meetings of core issues. Are we going to escalate our supremacy in air, land and sea capabilities? Are we going to satisfy the big demand of unemployment for the youth? Are we going to bring big change by opting for one nation and one vote?
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    The demand for jobs will always be there not even after 10 years but also after 20 years. The population will be increasing and many qualified people will be searching for jobs. Unless otherwise, there are measures for controlling the population completely solving the employment problems is not possible.
    New education policy may produce people with good skill sets and they may be getting absorbed in the new industries. India will have many foreign companies investing in the country in manufacturing and service sector and many people may be getting jobs in those industries. But still, people will be there searching for their employment.
    India's name will go up internationally and start playing an important in all important matters along with some of the major countries. The financial position of the country may be better and the purchasing capacity of the people will definitely improve.

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    Instead of trying to be like other countries, our country should focus on developing it's core talent in all sectors. It must develop itself to the utmost of it's capacities and make itself a nation a sight to behold. You might think this is not possible but this is not so it's entirely possible provided folks do not waste their precious moments fighting about who'se aheard or who'se not. It dose'nt matter just focus on the damn moment. And this country will shine like a phoenix burning in all glory in the next twenty four hours.

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    There is no dearth of talents in India. You may find exceptional people in all the fields so much so that you will think that the emoluments offered to them don't justify their capabilities. However, I don't think there would be much creation of jobs despite the massive population of India because of our sluggish economical development. In other areas such as agricultural sectors , we need to be self reliant. By going through our agricultural outputs, it is not that much bad but the only disappointing thing before us we compromise with the natural disasters instead of going to its deep roots for its rectifications. Unless we change our attitude radically, no significant achievement would come forth.

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    India is slowly picking up the development in infrastructure as well as other fields like agriculture, manufacturing, innovation, and defence matters. So definitely we would not be on the top of the world after 10 years but our position in the international ladder would be much higher than where we stand today. But all this would not come so easily as there are some issues which are to be tackled for achieving that ambition. First is population control, second is increasing job opportunities specially for self employment, third is increasing ease of business, and last is to increase our defence preparations.
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    According to me there will be very less vehicles on road as people have set up an office in their homes. We can only work three days in office hence all the resources of the companies will be saved. Only the ground level workers working on production machines may go everyday. We got an opportunity to tap the hidden talents just like the jewellery made out of gold.
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    I had and have, a confidence that India is fast proessing and becoming a potential major power in the world. Its position is a key one in that it is a functioning democracy and has ver unique situations and conditions in comparisons to the present major powers. I was visualising India as a beacon of peace and friendship to whole world; an adult and mature democracy with unity in mutiplicity. I was and is till visualising our counry as a self reliant, self sufficient country in everyway and also able to help other needy countries . I visualise India as a leader and guide and example to the whole world in peace,prosperity and co-existence. Though the Covid Pandemic has affected the pace, I am sure it will regain the the lost pace and march with more speed and focus soon in the right direction. We need the confidence and faith and do our duty to the nation sicerely .

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    We can forget the pandemic not immediately but after a year or so if the trials for vaccine become successful and all the people in the country are administered the vaccine. We cannot forget about the economic slowdown. Unless proper measures are taken by the Government, the economic slowdown will create a lot of problems. We cannot forget the volatile situation at the borders. Keeping the army alert at the borders and movement of more forces to safeguard our country is going to cost a lot of money. This is certainly going to put a lot of financial strain on the government.
    Why should we be a superpower? Why should we dictate terms at the U.N. Security Council? We need sufficient capacity to safeguard our borders on land, sea, and air. We need not dominate others. The policy of India is not to occupy others land.
    The unemployment is going to be a big problem. There is no use of going on giving freebies to them. Schemes should be drawn such that the unemployed get opportunities in their own rural areas without migrating to other places. This is a difficult task which the Government has to take up in consultation with all political parties.

    India is a big country with diversity. One nation, one vote is difficult to implement. This may create problems. Our country is divided into number of States on linguistic basis. Better leave it like that instead of inviting unwanted problems. The most important thing for the Government and the people is to create harmonious atmosphere in the country between the different regions, religions, and castes. Without harmony among the people, the country cannot prosper.
    As an Indian, I wish to see my country as a lovable place to live in peace with all the diversity.

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    It is difficult to pin point as where exactly we would stand after 10 years from now but one thing is certain that seeing the present developments and progress we would be better than what we are today.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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