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    Are you ready to send your children for study in school?

    Now, as Govt. decided that state Govt will take the decision about opening of the school after 15th Octomber 2020. Many parents are confused to send their children in the school due to Corona Penademic. Are you ready to send your children for study in the usual classroom as usual before Corona penademic.
    What would be the effect of this decision? Members are requested to share their opinion in this thread.
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    I think still that time has not come. In some States, I heard schools were reopened. But no parent is sending their children to the school. Children will be innocent and they may not understand the problems and maybe dong many unwanted acts. That will make them suffer. Exchanging food with other friends is a common habit for many students. They may exchange their masks also and they may stop using masks properly. It will become a big problem for the teachers also to control them. Sharing buses, autos and another mode of transportation from and to the house is also a problem for them. They may have to be controlled and that is not possible for a teacher to do. So many parents are thinking not to send their children to school until this year-end. After that also if there is no vaccine available, sending small kids to schools is risky. Maintaining social distance and taking all the required precautions in the school will be a very big problem.
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    Parents may not like to send their children as there is every possibility of contacting virus as they are innocent in their behavior. Recently there is a news with regard to our city where 9 children got contacted with the virus as they are attending tution in a tution center. In our city all private institutions following online classes and no parents are interested to send their children to schools. I don't think schools may not start till next academic year. But our state government likely to start government schools from November 2nd.

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    As on today the Telangana government has not decided about the schools and colleges and also the Cinemas. The government wants some more time to see that case load decreases. Moreover the school managements were not in the assuring mode to the parents as to how they are going to tackle the children surge as they have not seen the friends for long time and surely the social distancing would go for six if they spot the friends. What I feel that this year is almost lost and even if the schools are open they cannot cope up the normal studies fast and the children would be bothered with more load of works. Therefore it is better to continue the online studies as of now or ask the parents to visit the schools and take the notes as to what should be taught to the children and online exams be conducted.
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    Right now, sending children to school will not be the right decision, there are still many cases in India and it would be wrong to take such a big risk with children. It is still possible to take care of small activities of children at home, but it is not possible to concentrate on this level in school. We have found in many reports that due to the opening of schools in many countries of the world, the level of cases of the epidemic has increased, in such a way online classes would be only one good option for study.

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    No, sending kids to school will not be the right decision because kids are not so self- conscious like adults. Due to this there is a greater risk for transmission of the lethal virus amongst the kids. I hope the parents have taken all this into consideration.

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    Covid-19 cases have been increasing day by day. In such a situation, no parents would want to send their kids to school. As per my view, it would be the right decision not to send kids to school. If school reopens then there would be a great risk of virus transmission. Moreover, It would be a difficult task for children to maintain social distance and other hygiene condition. I heard in the news that some countries opened their school and as a result, many children got infected. So, these days, an online class is a better option for education point of view.

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    I don't think that this is the opportune time to open the schools. The kids may not realise the seriousness of the situations. They would rather find pleasure in exchanging their masks and tiffins without knowing the reality of situations. The teachers cannot control the entire group of kids of their classes. Though social distancing is the essential norm to be followed apart from wearing the masks, in the absence of teachers, they can mix freely and hence their chances of infection would multiply.
    Keeping in view of the prevailing situation, it would be better to differ the class - room classes till the situation normalises. Hence such a time may be announced after reviewing the situation. On line class option is ideal for them.

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    We, though good enough in maintaining our cleanliness for our children, cannot expect others to the same extent due to their nature of living. At the same time, we cannot criticize such people as it is their situation for which nobody can help. It is better to wait for some time till at least 75 percent of pandemic issue got reduced. Till that time the parents and house persons can spare time for the children to make them update in their studies without boring them as well without letting them to continuously play.
    Here we never depend upon the other parents in either manner. My friend did not pay the school fees as many parents fought with the school authorities to reduce or waive the fees due the closed level of the schools. Suddenly he got an intimation from the school through mobile SMS to pay the fees immediately. He contacted other parents about the status of their fighting for fees waive or reduction. To his shock they told that they all have already been paid the fees to avoid problem to their children. Since they did not intimate this when they intimate the fighting through whatsapp for cooperation, this person become a fool.

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    The pandemic seems to be stabilise but it is not coming down so it is a risky proposition to open the schools and colleges. We are thinking that with due care and precautions we would be able to manage but it is unlikely.
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    In Maharashtra, the theatres, gym, etc will open from the 15th Oct but there is no such news about the schools. As per y knowledge, the schools will start for higher classes only in the first phase (mostly for 9th till 12th). If it will go without any problem, then the next phase for some junior classes will be started. For such a phase-wise start, the schools also need to make necessary arrangements, so there is no point to be in rush to open the school.

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