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    Hypocrisy is the new normal.

    Nowdays we come across a lot of statements from either politicians, celebs and even reporters who change then conviniently after a little time. These people of repute change their statements as clothes. They have become the biggest hypocrites of present time who chnage their words just for their personal benefits or opportunity.

    A public figure should refrain from making any statement which they might change in future as nowdays everything gets recorded and retrieved in a matter of few minutes.

    Have members also noted that we are now surrounded by such hypocrite peoples?
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    Yes the observations of the author is right and to be believed as we are surrounded by the hypocrites who are not behaving sensibly but behaving for their own benefits and selfish ends. The politicians are taking too much freedom of giving false statements first and they wont take back the words even after proved and blame the media for interpreting them wrong. The escapism character in politicians is known and we have to teach some strong lessons for them during the elections Gone are the days when people used to respect the words. The word of promise or assurance was considered most important. In those days when even someone wants to borrow money they would give the sealed pot to the lender and after the money is paid back the pot would be returned. Here the pot contains nothing but belief and reminder.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is all about normalization. Once you stop normalizing hypocrisy it will fade away. So stop normalizing such stuff or else face the onslaught. The choices are always open but few tend to break the shackles and fight for what is right. The question is are you ready for the change, have you changed yourself such that you change folks around you. This choice is yours

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    True. Hypocrisy is the norm these days. When the agitation for separate Telangana was very severe the leader of the agitation publicly announce that if separate Telangana is given, he will merge his party with Congress. The then Congress President believed the statement and Telangana was formed. What happened after that is known to all. He promised in the election campaign that if his party comes to power he will make a BC candidate as the Chief Minister of the State. But he never gave chance to a BC and he became the CM. Like this many politicians say something and change their statement afterwards. They never feel bad about that. They never think that they should stick to the words given. We can see many politicians behaving like this.
    I feel this speaks about the morals and ethics of the politician. Why deceive people. Why say something and change their words without thinking about the people.

    always confident

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