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    Curiosity kills the cat!

    As a human being it is good to be curious as without curiosity our quest for exploration and discovering things would get affected. It is a natural trait in us though some people possess slightly more than the normal level. Sometimes aimless and goalless curiosity is also seen in the individuals which is only used in passing their time and nothing more than that. Such curiosity is destructive in its nature and is of no practical use. On the other hand a curiosity well woven with some objective and plan may result in desired results and it makes sense to have such curiosity spells in our life time to time. There are incidences where just for fun purpose people became curious and rushed to the place of incidence or congregation only to find that either they were beaten by the police there for making unnecessary crowd or were trapped in some bad company and even were arrested with those elements just because they were standing there and chit-chatting to quench their curiosity. So beware of it that curiosity without any underlain purpose is sometimes risky. What do the members think about this?
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    Unfortunately we all want to know more about many things and many people and that curiosity would arose more if the person or the things seems to be more interesting. For example road side card tricks are being shown and induce us to go for the bet with some amount pledged. Though when he displays the cards for the first instance, it seems to be easy and we get into curiosity to bet the money. Now he plays the trick of giving a chance to win for first time. Now our curiosity to win more and we think this is easy way to earn money without investment and this foolish thinking would make the tricksters to play prank and he now changes the game without our idea and one more person who bets who is also his person now changes your mood to go for other card and thus you stand to loose what ever earned. This way many lost money.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    True. Many of us show curiosity about the issues related to others. We have a banana tree in our kitchen garden. It has harvested, We have observed it. It will take 3 months to completely ripe. Today morning I noticed that and the fruits started riping. It is time to cut the fruits and we decided we will do it tomorrow.
    Today in the afternoon, one of my wife's friends who stays in the opposite house made a call to my wife and telling her that the ban fruits are getting ripped on our tree and we should cut them. This gave me a feeling that she is observing the fruits daily from their house. Like this, we will have more interest in the matters of others.
    The curiosity is up to know what is happening only but we never try to help the others if there is a need. We see many people when somebody is injured in a road accident. But how many of them will be ready help that person is not known.

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    Curiosity is essential for anything new to be found. It need not necessarily have an aim or goal. Sometimes it is spontaneous and sometimes it may have a goal or purpose. What, why, and how are very important for the quest of knowledge and invention.
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    I agree with KVRR. Curiosity is essential to the foundation of human knowledge.

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