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    Dangerous personality cults being developed in our society

    Every single discussion on poverty, unemployment, generation of new jobs, inflation, management of the economy, violence and crimes against women and so on, are sought to be drowned by one singular narrative of a major political party that seems to have highjacked the collective consciousness of the nation, through one leader, who never ever meets the press and instead addresses the nation, at huge cost, once or even more times a month. The aura of invisible capabiliites is built around this person, as if he is incarnation of Lord Krishna. The new trend of making him a real demi-God of sorts, was recently seen when he celebrated his birthday. Worse, attempts, mostly by the voiceferous Hindi electronic media, were made to elevate him far above any other Prime Minister, the tallest of them all, Shri Jawaharlal Nehru, included.

    Any single person who dares to question the ridiculous decisions aimed at promoting and increasing ease of business of chosen indusrrialists is dubbed "anti-national". This is atrocious and absolutely stupid. Even common people try to find holes in the behavior of the police of one major State that had the audacity to cremate a rape victim, without the consent of the family, the loud voices are now spinning a theory that the girl had an affair with the accused!!

    We are now developing dangerous personality cults. All this needs to be defeated and the concerned elements need to be slienced -- forever.
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    A very daring thread. We agree with you, but what steps do you think can be taken to remove such false demi- gods ( antichrists) from the collective consciousness of the masses. Are you willing to accept them or are you willing to rise up, knowing fully well that counterintuitive forces will threaten to dismantle your existence. It all depends on the choices taken???

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    Dear Sir/Madam, I have not been regularly reading responses to threads. Thanks a million for your response. May I know from where you hail and your background?

    Yes. I do accept that the consequences for those who speak up are indeed harsh. But we at least need to keep on highlighting the systematic and rather communal hatred that is being spread. How do we ever accept a situation where a poor Dalit family was even denied permission to get a decent burial arranged for the victim? Is this a democratic India that we are talking about?

    What is the use of an image of some great man feeding peacocks when ordinary women are even denied the right to live? The atrocious movements against the poor victims and the support to the accused are unheard of, in India, right from the time of Independence.

    This single event has shocked the nation. When some comparisons are made with Jawaharlal Nehru, it is pertinent to compare the present situation where not even one single senior leader of the ruling dispensation, has not opened his or her mouth. We had Vajpayee, but he would have positively ensured that the accused were not only arrested. He would have condemned the act with all his might.

    Unfair comparisons are made by the ruling party. We have reached a point of no return. The people of India have to collectively wake up and register their protest. I see positive signals emerging from everywhere. Look at what has happened to farmers. The wind is now blowing in the opposite direction. It must. It must blow at full speed to silence the atrocities being committed day in and day out.

    Clearly, this is not India that our younger generation can never ever feel proud about.

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    It is like this. When something happens in your own family, you may not bring it to the public, but would mourn. You will have your own meetings within the family and condole/warn the people concerned without the public knowing it. And if something happens in the neighbourhood, the neighbour might make noise and bring it to the public. The same thing is happening in politics.
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    The problem with a large section of the population is their blind faith. This blind faith is not only in religious matters but also in groups and personalities. When somebody has blind faith in anything it is quite difficult to make the person understand things in a logical way. Somehow these people wish to remain aligned to something and may feel a sense of security by doing so. Whether in politics or in other aspects of lives there cannot be any party/person/material which can be considered as the ultimate who can solve every problem on this earth. It's the realization which is missing among a lot of people. They need to wake up and only then things will start moving.

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    If a dynasty cult is developed we are made happy and seems to be acceptable but when a person comes to this position through his hard hitting daring decisions to which others can not even think of it, is being criticized as if he has doomed the nation for ever. Unfortunately when the nation was about to be poised for the greater strides than never expected before, India and even the world has affected with the pandemic and all the plans and programs were gone haywire. Still he has taken the damaging control measures to which India is gaining to the old glory. I am not interested to hand over my country to a inexperienced, child like behaving character, who came to politics through dynastic and not hard work. And we are habituated to fooling and no decisions in the past, the present head of the nation actions would be soar and even not understandable to many.
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    Institutions are greater than individuals. The institutes should remain independent of the influence of individuals or political parties. The happenings in the country for the past few years indicate a very bad trend. The people of India are losing faith in the institutes that are supposed to be independent of the Government. This is not good for the country.
    The Sushant Singh Rajput case was given so much coverage by the media overlooking the pandemic, declining economy, increase in unemployment, and many other issues of greater importance to the country. Now everyone knows how and by whom and why the diversion from important issues was undertaken.
    One can have faith in an individual but it should not be blind. This blind faith is going to cost the country very dearly. Unless people start thinking rationally and criticise the wrongdoings, the country is poised to doom.

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    If the truth is not forth coming and submerged by the power that may be at the hustings, media has to take the war of bringing right news and views that had happened. Sushant Singh Rajput case has been mishandled to the core and that is why one media took it as the right battle to nail many and they succeeded . And coming to the other issues of the nation that is mentioned by KVRR, who is stopping to discuss the same. Pandemic has been addressed very well in India as we contained the case load and deaths, the economy is gaining momentous with increased GST collections in spite of many public transports out of the road. And increasing unemployment was the pass over residue from the previous regimes which never gave a thought on the subject and all other issues are addressed to the satisfactory level.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Our country tops the world in the number of people getting affected by the Virus. The SSR case was highlighted and misinformation was spread by 80,000 fake social media accounts as per the Mumbai Police. According to them, these accounts were outsourced to professional trolls in other countries. It involves a lot of money. Who spent that much money and for what gain? The Mumbai Police started an enquiry in this matter informing the Government of India.

    The GST collections increased due to the unlocking of people's activities but nothing more to praise the Government. Always finding an excuse going back Nehru era or to the previous Governments for the failures only indicates the bankruptcy of excuses.

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    What is to be done. How to educate the voters? The Single person who is being elevated to the stature of a God is elected by voters only. They elected him for 5 years and they were happy and reelected him for another 5 years. If they feel he is not good, they may not vote for him in the coming elections and some other party may come into power. That is the beauty of this democracy of India.
    I personally feel hero-worship is the quality of many Indians. After so many years also we feel Nehru is a very tall leader. If we go by the opinions of different people, we will get different points. I think my points are correct and the other persons think that their points are correct. Everybody will have their own arguments. But finally, the majority decides.
    If somebody feels that something is going wrong, how to stop it. What is that we can do in that aspect. These points are to be thought of. Otherwise, these discussions will be like pointless discussions we see on 24 X 7 News channels.
    Whatever damage is to be done to this country has already been done before this personality came into power and those days also there were personalities who were projected as Gods. So this is the way of our country. The present man in power has not done anything more damaging than earlier people. This is a fact but some people may not accept it. It is not my duty to convince them. Everyone will have his own affiliations.

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    Whatever KVVR said has been proved correct. One third rate fellow runs a channel, and it is not right to name it. His voice raises far above others. He will never anyone to even open their mouth properly in his shows.

    This guy's channel is funded by someone from the ruling dispensation. If there is one area where the public discourse has reached its worst levels, one needs to just watch this TV channel. Yes. Let us come down to more realistic things. What does the demi-God not even open his mouth, against one of the worst communal crimes committed in UP?

    Who gave the police the authority to cremate the body of the girl, without the consent of the family members? Why is that a great personality does not speak one word about the horrible rise in unemployment?

    Mohan Sir need not feel so sad that the Opposition lacks leadership. Time will find its own personality. There will be someone who will raise from the ashes and destroy all the atrocities done by this ruling dispensation. We need peace in our country, Mohan Sir. We cannot live in a society that is deeply divided on the basis of religion.

    At least in Tamil Nadu, we will keep the dangerous snakes out of power. They will continue to beg for recognition, but they can never win in our State, where people cannot be divided so easily on the basis of religion. Even in AP, they are a big zero. Kerala will never ever accept them. Only in Karnataka, somehow or the other, the ruling party has deep roots. And now, they are also waking up from their deep slumber. To give one example, if Hindi is sought to be more important than Kannada, people will start revolting. They should. This should be the pattern throughout the country.

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    The COVID 19 problem can be solved if not immediately but in a year or so. The economy can bounce back within a reasonable time. One thing that cannot be brought back is communal harmony. This is the greatest damage that was caused to the country. The past Governments may be guilty of many things but not the communal harmony. India can never be the same again.
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    Those who like him beyond proper limit are utterly dedicated to him. This chauvistic thinking is their personal choice. Nobody can stop them from admiring him. If majority also think that the present government is not performing well, they will not vote for BJP. What is the big deal.

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    What I am saying that when there is no formidable opposition to question the ruling party surely there would be upper hand thoughts and monopoly actions are initiated. Like in America the difference between the ruling in opposition parties would be two or three seats difference. But here the win happens one side and the opposition does not even gain the status of main opposition party. So that is why I am time again stressing that when constructive criticism of ruling party comes from the sensible opposition leader there would be fear factor to govern with care, but that is squarely missing. And the over whelming votes and power given by the people gives the party to go one step ahead and rake up those pending laws and rules to be brought back and passed and opposition parties cannot do much on that.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There should always be a formidable opposition for democracy to flourish. Even if there is no strong opposition, the party in power should take them all along for the development of the country. It should not try to bulldoze and implement what it feels right. Recently we have seen people's agitation against the Citizenship Amendment Act, Farm laws. The Government instead of trying to listen to their voice and consider their objections is trying to suppress them. The main job of the opposition parties is to criticise the policies of the Government if there are any shortcomings and make the Government accountable. The criticism of the opposition should be taken seriously instead of rubbishing it. The party in power came with the support of just more than 30% of the popular vote. It should always remember that nearly 70% of the voters opposed it. Their voice should be given due credit.
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    There are many problems going on in the country like unemployment, increase in crime rates etc and apparently it appears that Govt is not able to do anything to arrest it. It may look like that but the fact is there is some opposition and also some hidden forces in our country whose aim is to disrupt the Govt in nay case and come to power and enjoy the position. These evil forces are also responsible for what is happening and not the present Govt alone.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I agree with Mohan. If the opposition is strong and can air its views strongly, then the ruling party will be under check always. But unfortunately, opposition parties never work for the people. Their efforts will be always to say that wherever is being done by the ruling party is bad. This is true not only with the present opposition party but the other parties which are acted as an opposition party in earlier days. That is why the ruling party has been taking advantage and trying to go ahead with their policies as the strength of the opposition is less in the legislative. So always a strong opposition party is the need to have a check on the ruling people.
    always confident

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    KVRR made an impressive sharing that the ruling party came to power with 30 percent of the vote and remaining 70 were opposing them. Please note that out of 70 percent , 40 percent elite voters never feel they should vote and they keep confined in their homes on election day and enjoy the fruits of any party coming to power as they would be the real beneficiaries either this way or that way. And why should opposition loose so many seats in favor of ruling party even in their strong hold because the way the opposition leader personally abused the head of the nation, voters could not digest and thus given him one more chance to rule.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mohan Sir is not addressing the ground realities at all. We have one Demi-God who thinks that he above law. One who thinks that he is always right when he is totally wrong. His blunders on the economic front are there for all to see. He is not at all a great leader.

    That apart, even common people like you and me can make a big difference if we go on highlighting the naked truth. For example, having such a lousy lady as Finance Minister is a big drag on the nation. We should fight to see her removed. She is totally bankrupt, intellectually.

    She is the worst FM that country has ever had. The likes of the brilliant P.Chidambaram are already hitting her right, left, and center. Please do not rake up the corruption issue. He is yet to be proved at all. He is not responsible for the misdeeds of his son. Even the son of the No.2 in India is a highly corrupt fellow, who looks like a Hindi movie villain. What do you say about all this, Mohan Sir.?

    Please wake up Mohan Sir. Do not support someone thinking that he is an incarnation of God. He is not.

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