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    Can we believe that Anil Ambani is so poor?

    The news of Anil Ambani crying in the courts that he nad no money and that he had to sell his assets to fund his legal costs was in the news. He belongs to one family that is extremely famous, not only in India but throughout the world, for generating black money through the most dubious means available.

    Every single politician of every major political party ( this includes parties like the AIADMK and the DMK) have taken money from this money and this is all in the public domain. The Rafale contract has given to his company, when it was in the infant stage. This atrocious industrialist, whose brother has at least taken his company to far greater heights, is now crying that he does not have any money.

    Are we, the citizens of India, fools to believe all his sob stories? How do we get back all the debts that he owes to the Nation, and about which our great Finance Minsiter does not even open her mouth?
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    Ambani may be right. He may not have sufficient cash in hand, but all as assets only. Even there may not be any good bank balance. This happens to the rich and ultra rich people.
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    One should understand that the rift between big brother and small brother in the same family has become so big and vast and even the mediation of their mother gone futile. I am also failing to understand the logic behind allowing the name of brand Reliance to such a fuss that Anil Ambani said he sold the jewels of his wife to mitigate court expenses. He seems to owe crores of rupees taken on credit to his mother and Mukesh Ambani and now the latest news is that his company has taken loan to the tune of 6000 crores from a Chinese bank and the China gone on record to sue him in the International court of law to recover the amount. This is the time Mukesh Ambani should interfere and save his brother from going bad to worse, otherwise all the dealings of Mukesh may also suffer in future and Reliance will not be regarded.
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    Anil Ambani wanted his group (ADAG )to be the biggest group in telecom, power and infrastructure. To realise his thoughts he has gone for many debts and tried to travel in many boats at one time. This approach made him land in troubles. He mismanaged his companies.
    In 2018, AGAG group companies' debts are reported as Rs 1.72 lakh crore and in 2019, Reliance Communications' debts stand at Rs 46,000 crores. Its revenue also crashed to very low and all his companies are like this. Now if we take the assets and the loans the net may be Zero.
    Already China filed a case against his companies in a UK court. I think his family is not coming to help him. Already he has to pay a lot to his mother. His elder brother may have to help him. But in this entire bargain, a common man should not suffer. I hope enough care will be taken and due actions will be initiated.

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