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    Cash credit for resource

    I have submitted an article "State Bank of India- Post Doctoral Research Fellowship 2020".

    Article link is:

    No cash credit has been given to the article. However it is an article on fellowship for the PhD students and not a job. So I think there must be some cash credits for this artcile. I request concerned editor to relook into the matter.
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    I request the admins to pay cash credits for the above mentioned article.


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    No response received from admin/editor. I request kindly look into it.

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    Sorry for missing out this message. Will check it out with the editors in charge and let you know.
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    Hi Deepali,
    We hope you are aware of the new changes introduced in the resource section of ISC. The article you have submitted is officially listed in the career section of the State Bank of India and hence it will fall under the category of jobs. Even though it is more related to a job post, we have accepted your content in the resource section with only points just because of the minimal academic value in it. Hereafter, please submit only academic articles relevant to the topics mentioned in this forum thread.

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    Thanks for the reply. But I want to tell you here that a post doctoral fellowship can never be a job. It is awarded for a fixed time and fixed stipend to the PhD students. This fellowship is also for 2 years only. In the fellowship students get opportunity to continue their research and get some experience. Though it is officially listed in the current openings at SBI but not as a recruitment notification like other recruitment advertisement. In the past months I have submitted many articles on the fellowships for Masters and PhD students. And every time I got c.c along with the points. If internships are not considered as a job then how can you consider fellowship as a job?

    Anyway, I am not arguing but want some clarification whether articles on fellowships will be considered for cc in future. Because right now I am writing some articles on fellowships for students.

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    Dear editor/admin my query is still unresolved. please reply to my query.

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    Dr Deepali,

    The article referred to was discussed with the admin. before assigning only the points for it and no cc. The admin. also looked at it as more suitable for the jobs' section. This seemed not to be for Ph.D. students but for those already having (a) a Doctoral qualification and (b) also teaching or research experience. Hence, as such, though indeed it is a Fellowship, the scales seem to be tipped towards it being more appropriate for the jobs' section and not as an academic-related article. We have to adhere to the instructions of the admin. and hence the editor approved it, with points only. If similar articles were approved with cc (that is, which were not necessarily for students per se), then likely some leniency was given but now the admin. is being a little more firm due to the resolve to move towards the academic niche.

    You are welcome to continue to submit Fellowships for students as articles if they are academic in nature. If you feel some doubt that some particular Fellowship may not be accepted as an academic article, please send a message to LE Asha or Editor Soundharya and they'll refer it to the admin. for clarification. Also, perhaps when writing such articles we were thinking members could mention some advantages of the Fellowship rather than just giving the general details which are available at the website. This would help in creating at least some original content for the article.

    Let us know if you require any further clarification.

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