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    Completing an act of kindness is better than starting it

    It is observed that many people start an act of kindness but leave it without completing it. It is necessary for ur to complete the act of kindness which we have started. End of any act should be better. For example, in cricket a team is known by his last match. If a team plays a good cricket throughout the league but fails in the last match. No body will know him. Everybody will remember the team which will win the final. (I am providing an example only)

    So, if you start an act of kindness, complete it. Members are requested to share their opinion in this thread.
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    Very nice thread initiated by the author. Well many wants to help others and that is the good trait developed in themselves but when it comes to implementing and continuing the same, they lack the perseverance and also courage to continue that without flaws. Few months back some organization in Hyderabad came up with a very good idea of parting with residual food and food items and a fridge was also provided at the vantage points where the culmination of the poor and needy are more. Unfortunately for some days this scheme was going on and I have seen many were parting their food and needy were eating. But with no one at the centers, the food which was thus kept were gone to the hands of hooligans who never eat but destroy them. Even the regular police patrol vehicles does not seems to care it.
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    Completing work is as important as starting the same.
    In Mahabharat, Nanayya wrote a poem. In that poem, he divided persons into three categories.
    The people who never start a work thinking that they can't do it successfully are then the third level of people. They will never have confidence in them. The second level of people will start work but leave them in the middle as they get tired and not able to complete. The people who belong to the first level of people will never hesitate to start work and never leave it in middle. They will complete it successfully. All should try to be at the first level. Then only we will get satisfaction.
    But some people say we should start work even though we can't finish it successfully. That will give us some experience and in our next attempt, we will be able to finish it successfully. That is one way of improving our performance in our works.

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    I think all people must complete what has been started. Otherwise it simply leads to failure of the idea in the first place. We must ensure that once a work has been started it must be completed wether in long run or short run.

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    I disagree with the author. First of all, the title of the thread is putting me in perplexion. I want to clarify by saying that we cannot complete something if we don't start. We have to start first. This is the first and foremost step. Secondly, the author is conveying a message that the team which wins the final match is only remembered. This is wrong message conveyed. I think the author is unable to put his thoughts into proper comprehensive words. The team which comes up in the runner-up position is also remembered. The team which loses is also remembered. Each and everyone gets their due respect.
    Regarding the thread keyword - kindness : Kindness is an act which come from within. It doesn't matter whether we are winners or winning or losers or losing something or any kind of demand. Kindness is an unselfish act with or without compromising our own needs and demands.

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