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    Now the court judges are also becoming spiritual.

    The thread heading is totally real and not a fiction.
    Most of you must be aware of RERA i.e. Real Estate Regulatory Authority that has been formed to regulate and make the errant builder comply and provide the houses they have promised to build. Not just houses the buyers are also duly compensated for delay in providing the houses.

    It has hardly been few years and the RERA law has lost its teeth as the judges appointed for providing justice are themselves giving absurd statements and judgements to the buyers and everything is favouring the builder somehow.

    Recently, in case of a particular builder, the buyer who approached RERA court for delay in possession and delay penalty was told by the judge that atleast this builder will be providing you with home and will not run away. Also the buyer was allowed a meagre interest for delay and builder instructed to handover the flat as soon as possible. The case was settled there.

    The buyer was really disappointed as he felt cheated by the builder first and then by the court.

    An individual who has given all his savings to the builder to get a home is first of all not given home by the builder on time, there is delay of years and on top of that he has to pay EMI on loan as well as rent. Now, add to icing on the cake, when he approached the RERA court for justice he is told to stay happy that he will atleast get his home and not awarded the penalty and interest he deserved, not even as per the BBA he signed with builder.

    Judge through his judgement gave a lesson to the buyer to stay contended with what you have and don't expect more. Everything is illusion. Expectation of interest and penalty is greed, get your home and rejoice.

    Judges have started to apply spiritual knowledge in their judgements also, atleast in this case it seemed so.
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    After reading this post I was getting too much annoyed as if I felt I were the affected person and the RERA court judgements seems to be stupidity of next level. When a appellate tribunal is set up it must look into the grievance of the affected person and not otherwise. There seems to be less cases to this court and the orders seems to be heavily biased and managed. One thing is sure, before making agreements with the builder a buyer has to verify all his antecedents and capabilities and how safe is the investment in the project. By the wordings of the author in this particular case, the builder can even stop the construction and fled away and this same court would surely support him and ask the buyers to keep quiet as he was gone pauper. Down with such judgements which are not people friendly and it is better to dismantle such courts.
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    This is ridiculous. How the Judge can give such a judgement without going into the facts. I think something is missing. When the builder promised something and unable to deliver the same, the court should find fault with the builder and the buyer should be compensated for the loss. But if the judge himself says that we should be that even delayed we received our house. A very sorry state of affairs. The buyer should go to the next level of court and try his luck there. Judges can't go spiritual in their profession. They can be spiritual as an individual. But when they come for judgement, they should not think anything else except facts, rule and regulations, who erred and what is the remedy.
    We may be thinking that corruption has not its roots in Judiciary. But if this kind of judgements come from the courts our suspicion of corrupt practices by judges will also come into mind. I hope that will not happen and a common man can rely on the judiciary system prevailing in the country.

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    The author has highlighted a flaw in our judiciary system. What I feel is that forget judges and lawyers, when blind faith takes over a rational system. Nothing good can come from it. This is what is happening not just in our country but also elsewhere in the world too. Folks must come together the civil society especially must pay attention to these matters. The discourse of democracy must not be blinded with false narratives but truth and truth alone. And truth alone must win.

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