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    During spare time give space for others

    Most of us are living more selfish life than thinking of others and their problems. Many are yearning to meet us and discuss their core issues, but we are not giving the right time. Surely we do get spare time during the day or during a week. allot the same to those who are more close to us and wants to spend few moments with us , they may be parents at home. the elders at home or at some distance, close friends who miss our bonding since many days and those pets which are yearning to touch and feel our cuddling attitude with them.
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    True. We should spend some times with others mainly who are our friends or relatives or wellwishers. This will be mutually beneficial. We may get good solutions for some of our problems. Our thoughts and points may be helping others to understand their problems correctly and find a solution to their problems. So these meetings and discussions will be beneficial.
    Instead of spending some times with others, if we try to be isolated with our own activities, we will not be knowing what is happening around. We will become like a frog in the well. By sparing some of our time to others, we will understand the types of problems they are facing. That will help us if we face similar problems afterwards.
    But we should be very careful in offering our suggestions to others. We should understand the whole issue properly and then only come out with a proper suggestion. Our suggestions should not spoil them or draw them into bigger problems.

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    The author is correct as many among us nowadays lack in helping of others. Many people self centered and they are not even thinking of others. I want this, I cannot do this, I have no time.... these are all present people's mantra. But I am surprising that how can they expect others to help them. While talking or advising they can say that they do not want others' help on any situation. But there will be a time for expecting others to help. I have a relative who normally help others without minding his time and even for others he went outstation also. We have to learn from such persons.

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    The author is absolutely right. We should always find time for our special people. Today, everyone's lifestyle has become such that no one has any time for anyone else. Today every person is just busy with himself. Today, people have time for relatives, they do not even have time to give their personal relationship. There are many side effects of not giving time to relationships. Every relation has its own importance and we should manage our relationships in a systematic way.

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    I think time alone is not the constraint for sparing some time for friends, relatives or others who request us for some time for certain important matters. It is our attitude that matters. If there is something interesting and of value to us we give it first preference by shifting all assignments to the back side and just forget about everything. It means if we are interested and willing then we can find time for anything.
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    Finding some times for others would depend upon how much interest you are having for such assignments. If you look around such jobs, there are many. In my locality, there exists a family where both the couples are beyond eighty. They even cannot connect a pharmacy shop to order for the medicines needed to them. Hence to get their medicine does not cost any thing but such a gesture would be life saving for them. They need some raw vegetables but they cannot move on, due to their severe pains in their joints. For them, life is somewhat difficult without the support of neighbours. They don't need any money but to pull on their lives, they need the physical and mental help of the neighbours.

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    People are selfish and think about themselves. It is a fact and we know this well. The contention of the author is a good thought that we should have some concern for the fellow beings and spare time for them. I think we must find time for this as we all have some duty towards the other people also who want some sort of help from us. It could be a simple consulting or advice but if we can help in any way it is definitely a virtue.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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