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    What is Machine learning?

    Machine learning is an application of AI (AI) that gives systems the power to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning focuses on the event of computer programs which will access data and use it learn for themselves.
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    Machine Learning in the context of data science and AI refer to the use of neural networks in different areas of data collection, analysing etc. Neural nets are powerful self- learning statistical models based on matrices using complex programming paradigms. These tools have immense applications in the fields of cancer research, quantum computing, evolutionary biology, finance, social trading, asset management, blockchain, computer vision, cosmology and theoretical physics to name a few. It's an interesting area with active research going on both in our country and beyond.

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    Coming back to Machine learning this is a part of AI only where the machine learns itself through accessing to the available data and past intelligent actions. As we all know software is developing at a tremendous pace and the future is going to be AI and IoT combine and Machine learning would be a crucial part of that for increasing the level of AI in real life applications.

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    These days for me it is more of mobile learning then machine learning. Without using laptop or desktop i have to generate lot of reports through MS-Office, the only means is my mobile. So i learnt a lot of things during this break through periods while i was concentrating more on my job.
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    Coming to AI, you go through the following article which gives you some idea about the subject.
    Future of Artificial Intelligence in Education

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    What is machine learning: In simple language it can be understood in this way : Suppose an expert (human) of Android phone teaches his own son (computer) some part of detail of Android phone and the son performs accordingly but the son is too intelligent that he starts learning himself other details of Android phone by using his intelligence, previous knowledge and experience and does not take help of his father and gradually increases his knowledge about Android phone. This is what we can call it machine learning.

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    What I would say is - Machine learning is nothing but learning about a system that is working. It could be any system in our life.
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