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    How you feel if your first coffee supplied without sugar

    It is practice in South India to have a coffee at the morning as a very first one. Some takes the coffee even in bed but many takes the coffee immediately after brushing. But the daily activity of such people depend upon the first coffee. Unfortunately and unexpectedly if the first coffee supplied without sugar, the mood of the person, who is not a diabetic, will get spoiled totally. How about your experience?
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    Yes, this is usually a very common thing even it's the same case with people who are fond of tea. Coming to coffee, nowadays, in cafeteria sugar is provided in small pouches alongwith the coffee. This solves many problems and saves the server from chaos with the customers. Coffee without sugar tastes a bit bitter and it's not so bad. Sugar enhances the taste and it appeals to our taste buds as a result of which the mouth becomes watery due to increase in the amount of saliva in our mouth.
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    For me, it is what I want. I am not diabetic. I have no BP. But it is my habit to drink coffee and tea without sugar. I will not add even a little sugar also in coffee or tea. I got this habit from my mother. My mother is also not diabetic, But she practised taking coffee and tea without sugar. My father is a diabetic patient. So he also takes without sugar. My wife takes only tea and she takes with sugar. Sometimes she adds a little sugar to me also in the tea in the afternoons. I have to manage that. She also takes tea with very little sugar only.
    I prefer tea without milk and sugar. But I prefer coffee without sugar but with milk. So I feel a little annoyed if she gives me coffee in the morning with sugar. But very rarely it happens.

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    Coffee is usually served with sugar. Without sugar it's taste is very bitter especially if it's not powdered coffee. I do prefer latte sometimes over coffee. This is more delicious and has a creamer taste than original coffee.

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    Thank God, I am taking my coffee with sugar.
    But I think those who had habituated to taking coffee without sugar (voluntarily or by need) may not feel bad. May be for the first few times they would have felt the difference.

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    One need not discard sugar completely instead go for little sugar and sip the morning coffee and that is what I am doing. I did taste coffee without sugar some time back and that was not liking , instead I had the milk without sugar, but that is not satisfactory. Someone said add the powder of Badam and dry dates in the milk without sugar and that would be tasty and good. But morning beverage should be coffee and even tea does not fit into my liking and thoughts. Since we have the filter coffee daily, adding sugar is must and the concentrate coffee taste would remain in the tongue for few hours. What I have also observed that if the coffee had without sugar, there is liking for having one more cup with little sugar. That means those who are habituated to have the coffee with sugar or little sugar cannot discard the habit at all.
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    Coffee or tea tastes well with sugar and many people who are habitual of taking it like that cannot stand its sugarless variation. I have seen people shouting in the house that the housewife forgot to put the sugar in tea or coffee. It is only when the doctor says that sugar is to be completely stopped that the person becomes conscious to this fact that tea and coffee can also be taken without sugar. Once one starts to take it without sugar then the taste slowly develops and one starts to like it. Of course it takes time. I remember my grandmother was taking black pepper tea where she only used black pepper in it and it is a common drink in Uttarakhand hill areas and she used to have a good amount of jaggery with it and she relished it much. When I went to village she offered me it but I did not find it so delicious but when she told me to take it with jaggery my idea about the drink completely changed and today sometimes I take it with sugar and enjoy the taste. Incidentally it is said to be a great immune booster.
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    I cannot think that coffee without sugar can be taken. I have never done so but it is the sugar only that makes it so tasty and relishing. If someone can develop a taste for sugarless coffee then it is really admirable.
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    We are habituated of taking coffee with the liberal adding both the items milk and sugar so as to dilute its bitterness. The combination of Nescafé, Sugar and the tight proportion of milk can make it a tasty drink. However, if we could the Black Coffee on regular basis preferably twice a day, it will result in fat loss in a healthy manner apart from its favourable effect on the liver functioning. Though initially it may irritate our tasting buds but with the time, we would be habituated with its bitterness and we can reap its health benifits.
    Though we are tuned to Black Tea in both morning and evening hours for managing our lipid profile, substituting with the Black Coffee would be a better idea with host of health benifits.

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