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    Relationship must be nurtured without overlooking

    We build relationships and we realise sometime or the other that with some people we bond so well and with some we bond not so well even though there is an cordial relationship. We meet several people. Due to help of technology, contact numbers are exchanged and we often keep clicking selfies with people we meet in our daily lives. Even though this habit is halted due to this pandemic but still we connect people from all over the whole world via internet connection. But, the thing which is in jeopardize is that the relationship is getting stacked up without nurturing. With the passage of time, the bonding will collapse and fade away. All that will remain is the past memories.
    So, it's high time to not to overlook the relationship already build. At present, check on the people who know you and the people you know before it's too late and you have to start all over again. If possible, start again with more vitality but maintain the same cordiality but a new positive vibe.
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    Very nice and important post. It's important to nurture relationships in a positive way as we go along. But more important than that in present times is to maintain those said relationships with same zest as was before. It is actually becoming very tough for us to maintain the kind of relationships that folks had in past. Today more than half of our convos are conveyed not through face- face interaction but through the medium of digital media. Hence a little artificiality has been creeping in our relationships these past few years since the advent of social media etc.

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    In today's world what is utmost required is trust. Yet we're losing this precious aspect of being humane pretty fast. We need to recognize that for any relationship to be a success trust and honesty is of utmost importance. You might think this as unnecessary but in fact this is not just necessary but crucial to the foundation of democracy as we know it.

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    In Tamil there is a proverb as, 'kutram paarkkil Sutram illai' which means we lost relationship if we see faults on them. It is one way correct. But in many situations, the close relatives only can point out the mistakes of others as others just go without minding them.
    Another proverb in Tamil is 'paarkkaatha pandam paazh' which means the item will get spoiled if not seen properly. This is to mean that we should have an eye on the items like pickles etc, we kept stored with care as they may get spoiled if not seen frequently. We can practically noticed that if we keep some food items and forget to use or distribute, there are chances of getting spoiled.
    Similarly relatives are to be contacted frequently and get in touch with them often so that bondage would be stronger. I have seen some of our relatives gone to Northern part of our country and they did not give their address or contact numbers and totally their touch have gone. Our youngsters do not even know their relationships. Recently by hearing somehow a brother and sister came to our house from foreign countries by hearing somehow, as myself heard about them, I recognized them as our cousin brother and cousin sister. I introduced to my younger brothers and told about them.

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    We people have egoistic problems and keep aside the relations for issue of no importance and the prolong of see saw attitude is continued as if we are going to break some unique records. One thing is sure the blood relations are going to stay whether we like them or not. If not us, our children would be longing to continue the relations at their level as they do not have face offs and they want lasting bonding. I have seen people are not in talking terms and this pandemic has caused much anxiety and agony to many as they are not visited, nor called nor made any telephonic inquiry. It is imperative that even the neighbors has to be carried in these days because , we have to live with others and that is the order of the day. And relations are one step ahead of others and they have the right to scold and even beat us friendly for our goodness.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A friendly attitude and understanding the feelings of others and behaving accordingly are very important for a relationship. All friends are not close friends. A friend who understands our feelings and changes his behaviour as per the situation is only called a close friend. We meet many people. We may go to them or they may come to us. Whatever may be the case. During the process, some familiarity may come between us. We feel it is friendship. But when we stop meeting each other we will forget each other. That will never be a friendship. It is a relation created for certain needs. Such relations will never go long.
    If we continue meeting the other person, even though there is no necessity once in a while if we talk and enquire about the well being of the other person, then the relation go for a long time. If we can't talk. we should be in touch by sending messages once in a while.
    We have a WhatsApp group of our friends in High school. We will be interacting with the group every day. One friend stopped posting. Then we got a doubt and contacted him on his phone and came to know the was tested COVID positive. I used to talk to him daily and now he recovered well and became normal. I feel this is how we have to nurture the relations.

    always confident

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    Having friendship or starting a relationship is a common thing but few people are able to maintain those relations for long. It is not because there is a conflict between the people but people are generally lazy and careless and just ignore this important aspect of nurturing a relationship. There are few people who have a quality of maintaining and sustaining the relationship.
    Knowledge is power.

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