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    How to manage feeling of dominance in a relationship?

    Everyone, at sometimes or other, falls in a relationship and goes through the courtship which many a times culminates in marriage or a long time friendship. This is human nature to get attracted and even have infatuation for another person due to physical liking or companionship or like mindedness. This goes on beautifully except for one thing that is feeling of dominance in one or both the partners bringing out conflict and stress and that sometimes spoils the show. Feeling of dominating other is also a common human attribute and it is one of the behavioural pattern that many psychologists utilise in their studies and in diagnosis of specific cases. So, for cordial and coexisting relationship it is necessary to suppress or manage this feeling of dominance which does not yield anything except creating bitterness and confrontation in the relationship. What do the members think about this aspect in our lives?
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    When the persons gets married it is expressly understood that they will adjust and compromise and go through the give and take policy in life and what ever misgivings would be taken light or discussed and sorted out. If this attitude is maintained there is no issue and the life of the couple would be smooth. But when any one of the partner is highly educated, and their peer group would certainly have the impact on the behavior and thus difference is seen by the life partner and this would be the start of the conflict and if one of life partner starts earning more, then the behavior to spend extravagant or for luxuries would start and that would create a rift as other partner wants to save for the future exigencies and children contingencies. Nevertheless those who can adjust with all odds are always the winners.
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    In many cases, the correcting a mistake or bringing to a regularity is considered as dominating. Dominating means making one to do as told without any objection, whether it is right or wrong. But many people especially after marriage is over, no body should say anything to them in order to correct or advise. We should accept as they did.
    Such things are not dominating and are being told only for their betterment.

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    In a relationship, if both go-ahead with an understanding, the relationship will continue for long. If both act as complementary to each other, they can progress well. If one person is angry, the other person should maintain silence. If both get angry, there will be a break in the relationship.
    One of my friends worked in an Organisation for 28 years. My friend and CMD of the company were having a good understanding. Whenever he was upset, My friend used to keep silent. When My friend expresses his anger, the CMD used to keep mum. Like that They survived for 28 years. Oneday, both of them were in bad mood. They shouted at each other. My submitted his resignation. That is how some times things happen.
    Even the same thing will hold good between the wife and the husband. They should have to understand the mood of the other person and accordingly, they should behave.

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