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    Why household work is not considered as exercise?

    There are many household jobs which are in the nature of exercise only. They could be monotonous in nature and require discipline and punctuality as they are to be done on a regular basis but it does not mean that they are menial work and not to be attended. I have seen people not doing even a single task in the house but going to gym for hours and releasing their energy and moreover they pay huge fees also there. They would do Yoga, workout and what not but not the household task. Is it the fear that once they do a small thing in the house then they would have to do it regularly? What is the reason for this tendency in some of the people, can the members throw some light on this?
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    I agree with the author. I have seen people sitting always in the house and go for a gym for physical work. Instead of going to the gym if we do some household work, it will be as good as an exercise and we can share some work with our partner in the house. Daily in the morning, I climb two floors to pluck flowers for Pooja. This is a good exercise in the morning. This helps my wife. She need not go there for plucking the flowers. I will pluck floors from the trees in our garden in the mornings times. This also gives some physical work and saves some time to my wife.

    Instead of using a motor for pumping the water from the well if we can physically collect that water from the well, it will be also a good exercise for us.

    I have seen some people go in a car for 2 Kms and walk there for 3 Kms and come back in the car. Why can't they walk and go and come back instead? They can reduce fuel consumption and that will be good for the environment and some money also will be saved.

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    A postman gone to a doctor for some health setback. Doctor did some tests for him. He got diagnosed as diabetic. Doctor prescribed some medicines to control the glucose level in his blood and advised him to have a compulsory walk for at least half an hour in the morning or evening. The post man asked doctor that he is daily walking more to deliver posts to the houses and whether it amounts to the walking as prescribed for him.
    It is correct to say that the household works are amounts to exercise. But who are doing such household works as told earlier? Everything done with the help of machines. In those days,
    * people used to sleep on ground by spreading mat/bed sheets.
    *Morning they keep the bed sheet folding - to fold they stretch their hands widely and folding - this is first exercise.
    *They keep the bed sheets, pillows etc. in the top loft - for this they raise their hands up to the loft level
    *Nowadays the bed is permanent with cot, people are not folding anything as they just come out of the bed in the morning
    *For cooking they grind the flour, masala in stone grinder - for this the hands are moving front and back - but now no stone grinder as we are using mixie /wet grinder.
    * To eat we used to sit on the floor by folding the legs but now we are using dining table
    *While eating we mix rice and sambar by hand squeeze but now using hands and fingers are very rare as we are using spoons.
    *While going for shopping, we use car or two wheeler till the door of shop from door of house.
    *Above all cooking itself getting vanished slowly as many of us ordering online foods that too through mobile in the place of sitting.
    Similar to that the household work though amounts to exercises many people systematically do not do such activities and so it cannot be considered as an exercise.

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    Young generation people are the busy people fulfilling the targets as set by the employers and in case they get some time, they would go to a distance park after covering a distance of roughly six to eight km with their car. They would then do vigorous walking for at least forty minutes followed by stretching exercises. May be they will be occupied with some more exercises of their choices and finally they reach their destination with the sense of satisfaction of carrying out some physical exercises.
    There are certain domestic chores which they could have done themselves such cleaning the utensils if the maid has not turned up or helping their own kids in completion of home assignments. However, this needs to change their mindsets so that such jobs don't tax them mentally.

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    This is really strange that people are ready to do work-out outside whether in a gym or in a park or even do some community cleaning work in the town but in the house they simply lie down and see TV or just idle away their time. Their mindset is totally biased in the sense that they feel that these things are to be done by the house ladies or maid servants and they have nothing to do with that. So, they would only come to the dining table and if they are delayed, every one would wait for them. So, they are the lord of the house and doing household jobs might be a degrading thing for them. They would never accept it as a replacement of exercise. It is a difficult proposition for them and it is very tough to persuade them or align them in that direction.
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    House hold works are not exercise because there is no exertion of pressure or there is no sweating coming out of the body by working at the kitchen. By simply standing at the kitchen platform and making the moves with the hands and little moving of body here and there cannot be considered as the works outs being done either outside like walking, brisk walking or jogging. Moreover the kitchen works are not done in tandem because some house wives do the work in piece meal basis and the cascading effect of work exertion would be lost and therefore kitchen works are not the exercise as thought by many. And while working in kitchen, there every chance of tasting some snacks or drinking some beverages or other during the preparations of food cannot considered exercise as some intake is being accepted.
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    Exercise is the activity which is intentionally done for keeping oneself fit and healthy whereas household work is like a duty of members of a family. In our homes ladies perform their household work and earning the money is the onus of male members of a family. However, male members can help ladies if they have nothing to do. Doing household work is also good for health.

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    After seeing this thread, yesterday and today I keenly watched my wife and how much work she is doing. She will be on her work continuously for 6 hours in the morning and another 3 hours after taking rest for one hour. She gets up 5 in the morning and by the time her morning session is completed by 11 AM. Then she will sit for an hour. Then lunch sessions start and she will be free by 3 PM. That means she has to work for 3 hours. Then she will have rest for 2 hours and her evening session starts at 5 PM and by the time her work is completed for the day, it will be 9 PM in the night. Then she will sit for an hour and she goes to the bed. That means she works for 13 hours a day in the house and none of us will have that much work. I am thinking I should share some of her work.,
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    Household work has some effect on our fitness but it cannot replace exercise. There are many people who feel that if we are doing our household work then it is enough for our fitness and we do not need to do more than this. At the same time, most people also believe that if done the housework, it is enough to keep the body healthy and fit. It would not be correct to say that doing housework completes exercise and it is enough to keep you fit. Along with doing household works, it is very important for you to take half an hour for yourself for your fitness to stay fit. It is not necessary that the exercise is done only by going to the gym, but you can also do yoga, pranayama as well as planks, pushups, jumping jacks, sit-ups by taking half an hour at your home. Along with this, do pranayam daily and include meditation in your routine so that you can be healthy from both body and brain.
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    Dr Rao:
    It is a nice gesture as sharing is actually caring.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Yes, it is the correct scenario in most of the families but I guess it is not their ignorance about the connection between household tasks and workouts but it is their show-off kind attitude. In my society, many flats have called back their maids for cleaning and cooking purposes saying that they are not able to do all the work and get tired. Now they are requesting the management committee to open the Gym as they have gained weight during the lockdown.
    If we pursue any household work in the proper way, it is a kind of exercise that benefits your body. Especially brooming and mopping the floor, washing clothes, etc are very effective.


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