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    Can I start a youtube or instagram channel for ISC?

    Are members willing to contribute tutorial videos, educational material etc on youtube and instagram. If so, I could create an official Isc channel with permission from the admins and the webmaster sir.
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    If they give permission to you, you can do that. I can definitely contribute based on my knowledge. In fact, I am thinking of a youtube channel for me in which I can discuss various aspects of chemistry and some experimental details that are being performed in the schools and colleges. I can add some information about Telugu Language and grammar also.
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    If admin gives permission for the same I would also like to contribute. Though I have my own YouTube channel where I post the lectures related to mathematics and science. But certainly, I would like to contribute here also.

    I have stated my own channel but I do not have much knowledge to promote the channel and to fetch the traffic. So, I only have 394 subscribe so far.

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    I just found out that Isc does have a channel on both youtube and instagram. But almost null presence, either we could use these channels or create new ones. Also I'm trying to create it's presence on whatsapp and telegram. Hope the admins support us.

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    In thisregard I recalled something related to this was there in ISC. I found some links and giving them below: May be it can help in some relevance.
    1. ISC YouTube Video Contest - Submit educational videos and earn money
    2.A contest announced by ISC a year back helped me to earn money on YouTube.

    As I do not have any technical or practical knowledge in this regard , I cannot say my opinion, but wll be interested to watch the progress and learn from them.

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    Long back we were submitting images and videos in this very site and that was discontinued due to copy right violations and if ISC agrees to your suggestion then go ahead.
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    No there cannot be copyright violations as new community guidelines strictly prohibit that on youtube and instagram. However similar or some semblance maybe found in all matter here and there. That is not copyright violation. Regarding payment youtubers can earn money only when they reach a certain no of views and likes. Moreover each member will have his/her account synced to the channel so copyright issue should not arise.

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    Ok for instance if the site admin gives you the permission, how are you going to sync the members, and how the videos would be moderated by ISC and how they are going to be loaded. It seems to be coordinated effort for which the present editors need to spend more time with you and for yourself also it would additional burden as many videos would be pouring in and the authenticity of the content need to be verified. But I would love to have such arrangements to see ISC members videos on far reaching subjects that were being discussed and deliberated in this sections and article sections.
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    In 2017, ISC organized a video contest to upload in youtube. None could prepare a video on education-related things and upload them to the ISC video uploader. The contest was a failure. Even I requested the contest announcer to make a sample video and post it here for us to view and follow. He could not. The contest died with the announcement and instructions only. Therefore, I feel it as a vague attempt that requires a lot of time and energy. One may do it on their own if they are much interested, without ISC involvement.
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    K Mohan sir, all members will already have a youtube acc by default as many use gmail and other google services. Youtube too is a part of google service. All we need to do is create a master acc and link all the individual acc to this master acc youtube has this facility, especially after the rise of so many independent youtube channels. Regarding creating videos and tutorials, it dose'nt matter if some members cannot do it, we can always teach them. After all this is a learning platform. The benefit of an independent youtube channel with regards to ISc would be increased visibility among a larger indian diaspora. More contribution and that means more learning which is the main funda of this platform.

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    Ofcourse there is the added benefit of earning from youtube on behalf of ISc. But that is in the long run. My short- term vision is to engage more and more students and independent thinking folks with this platform and thus increase its visibilty. Regarding authenticity, there is a flag system in youtube if the content is copied it gets deleted if its flagged. Do authenticity remains intact moreover the youtube community is not blind, they're very intelligent individuals. Copied content is not shared nor promoted by the community.

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    Ryyu I do agree everyone of us has You tube access and its account, but my contention is that ISC should have the say before uploading any content on social media and especially the You tube because we are the members of this site and governed by the rules and guidelines. If the videos are posted without the knowledge of ISC, and if the content goes against the interest of this site, then instead of gaining popularity it would be otherwise. So If ISC takes the responsibility of moderating the videos then it would be two side cooperation to which everyone would be at ease and do the needful.
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    This is a good idea to have a master channel in YouTube managed by ISC and then members can send their videos on educational or other matters as approved by ISC to this channel. Only thing is we cannot upload them directly in the channel until they are checked by the ISC editors or the management. That itself is a voluminous task. You cannot upload things without moderation as that would lead to uncontrolled situation. Another important thing is monetisation part. YouTube has become much competitive and the early charm of monetisation is not there so the return from this exercise would be a small amount and for that the efforts and manpower consumed would be quite high. These are some considerations which are to be thought before starting that channel where access is there to all the present ISC members. As the webmaster and other ISC managers might be aware of all these things they can take a conscious decision about the idea proposed by the member.
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    Ryyu, you can't. Only the ISC admin can do it. That is the legal position.
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