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    Being human should be the main motto of any human being.

    We are all human beings. God has given us a brain and we are better than all other living beings. We use our brains and try to progress as much as possible. In this process. sometimes we will ignore the sufferings of other persons and we go ahead. This is the selfishness of human beings.

    In the pursuits of happiness and wealth, some human beings never hesitate to harm others. Some people act as if they don't mind losing one eye if the other person is losing both the eyes. Jealousy, greed and worldly desires rule us. Some people never hesitate to kill another person if somebody offers a huge amount.

    As human beings, we should always have concern for our fellow human beings. Our actions should never create problems for other persons. if we understand this and behave only we will be called human beings. Being human should be the main motto of any human being.
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    Good post from the author. Well everyone has become more selfish and they wanted to look after their own welfare and benefits and not of others. To develop being human, one must be content with his life, he must have spare time to spend with others and above all he must have the liking to help others. If all these three traits are abundant in some person they are surely make difference and their every move will be being human. And being human is not only confined to the welfare of the people but also to those who like us and even the pets. Those who love us and care us, we also reciprocate with the same degree and response. When ever we take actions, that should not jeopardize the chance of others winning. If that kind of attitude is developed surely the being human trait will remain with us for ever.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    As the author pointed out well, the human birth is a gift to us from the God. We, human, only have the discriminating power of good and bad. We can see if a crow found dead, many crows surrounded the dead one and cries collectively. But human do not care even on seeing a dead body on the road either through accident or casual, they just cross the body and gone by simply closing their nose. I have seen one old man dropped his bag full of rice after getting from the Fair Price shop. As all rice spilled on the road from the bag, all people crossing there by just pity on him but without helping him. I went there, helped him to collect all the rice into the bag again and loaded the same in his cycle.
    We should think we,human if not help others, who will help us when we need some help.

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    A good moral character of a human is humanity. The best among people is one by whose hands and tongue other are not treated badly. It is noteworthy that we should always speak the most sweat and good things and desist from everything that may heart the sentiments if a person, group or religion. We should always focus on developing a successful society.
    However, hurting people and trying to show off only stumbles the thread of humanity. Mutual respect evolves a bond of compassion and tolerance among people. If we want tolerance and forbearance to advance, we should learn to properly use our tongue and extend a helping hand for others. A human can't be a human until he observes and adopts all qualities of humanity.

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    A very good thought raised by the author. If we behave in a friendly and helpful manner to others then this world would become a nicer place to live. Unfortunately, in every human being there are good and bad traits. Some manage and eradicate their bad traits while some keep it with evil and malice intentions. That creates a big problem in the society as we do not know who would be doing harm to us on one fine day. This fear is perturbing and is a matter of grief for many common people in the society who want to pass their life in a peaceful and quiet way. The threat of getting harmed at any time is like a damocles sword hanging on our head.
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    Totally agree with the author, being human should be our first goal. Everyone is running blindly to get ahead, but still, man is not happy, but man is moving away from his roots. Man is wandering in a stressful environment. Man has become so selfish that he harms anyone for his own benefit and justifies himself. Everywhere in the world, one should appreciate good works and stop bad works. All beings have more ability to think and understand human beings, they should be used properly. We can be at least human if not great. Today, many great people are not among us, they have not earned any great wealth in their life but we can never forget what they did for the country, for society, for humanity, they will always live in our hearts. . We should try every moment to do as much as possible for humanity.
    Swati Sharma

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