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    What to say on seeing such people

    In many places, houses or work places, it is very pity to see that the people leaving their rooms without noticing that the fans are running, lights are burning without persons. Even in some houses some house persons including ladies are carelessly going without putting off the unused fans and lights even though they noticed.
    In offices I am seeing some people very honestly putting off the lights and fans/AC when they move out of the rooms.
    Here we should think that we are saving not only the power of our house but also the power of our nation.
    In those days the street taps were found with running water and some honest people closes on seeing. Fortunately there is no such taps and even water in present days.
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    Nice advice from the author. When our work is over and when we are moving away from the room or premises, the lights, fans and other electronic appliances must be switched off. Some times due to low wattage, when the power goes off and comes, there are every chance of short circuit due to low or high voltage also and even the fridge need to be switched off when we are going for long leave. I am also against those who do not check the leaking taps. Especially when people are living in the flats or apartments, the leaking of water taps has to be addressed and repaired immediately as the water leakage would lead of shortage of water and that may create problems to other flat owners. Before leaving out switching off the switches, fans , closing the knob of gas stove and cylinder is must for the total safety.
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    If you have money, you can spend it. But we have no right to waste the resources. Resources are very limited and there are people who are not having those resources and maybe feeling difficult due to non-availability of those resources. Money can't create resources. It can only purchase available resources.
    Many of us are having the habit of wasting food. Especially, when we go to a restaurant we leave many items on the plate. This will become and waste. Many people may be starving for food. So take as much as you can but never waste it. This should be our aim.
    When we are really hungry and nothing is available around only you will understand the importance of food. Same is the case with water and electricity also. These items are in short supply and many are suffering. Keep this in mind and try not to waste the resources.

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    I am also against of wastage of resources. Our resources are limited. If we don't give value to it then one day we would die of starvation.
    I have noticed that many people in our society are very careless. They never care about anything whether to stay at home or office. This kind of people not only wasting their home money but the national property also. Generally, people never switch off tube light when they leave from home. On the other hand, office goers never care about the official property when they leave the office. I would like to say that we understand the importance of anything when we having a lack of that thing.
    So, there is a great need to be conscious regarding resources.

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    You are talking about rare happenings. No house owner will keep their fans and lights on and leave their home. At the end of the month, they will have to pay their EB bills. In private workplaces too, the owner will strictly supervise the usage of lights and fans. If done, it improves the revenue to the government.

    Only government offices can be found with lights and fans running. Because of the whose father what goes attitude, they don't care about the extra billing which the government bears.

    There should be a check by special authorities to take action against the head of the government organisations/offices where carelessness is practiced.

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    As SUN said this habit of negligence is mostly seen in places and situation where the ownership is 'public'.
    However, even in private homes too there are various types of wastages if we strictly observe and monitor.
    It has to be trained and cultivated from childhood itself. Family upbringing, school trailing and if needed, some punishments are to be enforced. There is an element of National resource wastage is also involved. Due to our wastage(even f we can financially afford to do so) someone somewhere is suffering due to lack of resources.

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    There are some lazy and careless people who waste the resources and do not care for it. This is particularly seen when the individual is not financially affected by that negligence. If he is affected, he would take care. This happens in a family also where the main bread earner would be very particular for these small but important things like putting the fan off, light off, closing the water tap etc but the other members would not be much concerned and they have to be told multiple times to take care and because the bread earner is strict they also follow the directions. If the bread earner himself is careless then all the family members would enjoy this extravagancy only to repent at a later date.
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